2008 Review … well, sort of.

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: December 27, 2008

Category: General | Videos

Well, it’s not quite a review of 2008, it’s more a video of a few photographs that I’ve taken during the year .. some you may have seen already and some you may not.

I’ve also attached a photo which I found whilst sorting through some of my hard drives. It’s a montage I did for a HR company a couple of months ago for the ‘who are we’ part of their website. Not wanting to come across as you’re stereotypical office workers they wanted something putting together that was a little different, hence the take on the ‘Usual Suspects’. Each of the portraits had to be taken individually because of limited shooting space, and then all that was needed was a little work in photoshop. It’s far from the finished article cos there’s a few little editing tweeks needed, but you get the idea. Hey, no-one ever told me that corporate photos have to be serious.

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