JOHN: New Picture PLUS Lighting Set UP

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: December 1, 2015

Category: Photography

Ok so today I thought I’d give you a look at one of the portraits from Saturday’s photo shoot.

Had such a fantastic day and it was great to be back working with Syn Ella; an incredibly talented Make Up Artist. The main theme of the photo shoot was working on some Winter Clothing images that will form a collection I’m putting together to present to a future client but as we were there I’d also invited some friend’s along to work on some other set ups.

The picture below is of my friend John Ashford which is completely different look to other portraits we’ve worked on together and below you can see the set up…


We were photographing in the upstairs of Pegasus Gym in Aylesbury so had loads of space for shooting and make up, and along with me for the day was my Buddy and Mr Canon, Brian Worley of

So for this picture of John, we shot against a grey seamless background; not the full width but 1.72m version which is great for transporting around in the car. (Note: Texture was added to the background during the retouching).


As for the lighting I used an Elinchrom ELC 1000 into the 175cm Octa and positioned so as to give a cross lighting pattern like I explained in the video I posted yesterday (LINK). I also used an Elinchrom RX D-Lite One into a 44cm Beauty Dish with Grid to add a touch of light onto the opposite side of John’s head.

I was shooting fairly wide open so using both the ELC and the D-Lite this was no problem at all due to the fact they can both go down to a really low power level.



This week I’ll be working on more images from the shoot so will be sure to share them along with set ups and a few retouching videos too I’m sure.

In the mean time you can check out a LARGE version of this portrait over on my 500px portfolio page by CLICKING HERE

Catch you next time,

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  1. Mindaugas Butvila

    Hi Glyn, someone forget to say about reflector under his face 😉


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