Thank you to The Flash Centre, Elinchrom and the SWPP

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 26, 2016

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Well it’s been a really busy few days over the last weekend (Friday ,Saturday & Sunday) I’ve been at the SWPP 2016 event but thoroughly enjoyed every single minute.

This is my first time as I mentioned last week, this is my first time ever at the SWPP event in London; actually my first time ever presenting for the Flash Centre and for Elinchrom and over the past 3 days, going through 10 presentations I’ve had an absolute blast!  Real hard work but made thoroughly enjoyable by the great team in the Flash Centre all around me and really great attendees.

This really is just a little post to say a huge thank you to Chris, Simon, Alex and the team at the Flash Centre and Elinchrom and also to every single attendee that came along to the sessions I did. Also those that were kind of volunteered on to the stage to help out with a couple of larger demonstrations that I did. Absolute fantastic time, really great to meet everyone.


Just a little reminder, one of the things that I pointed out obviously, Robin having out lots of leaflets to laden you down even more with the number of leaflets that folks had already was just a reminder about the newsletter so that you can start getting those tip sheets that myself and Dave have put together. Also to give you updates on what new video has come out. Check out the YouTube page and also my blog as well which has been regularly updated every single week. With all that behind the scenes, useful information.


Again huge thanks to everyone, thanks massively to Chris and to Simon and Brian and Alex; thoroughly enjoyed presenting for you guys and I can’t wait to get the opportunity to do it again.

Cheers, Glyn

>Tomorrow I’ll be posting some of the pictures I took on stage PLUS a little recap video showing a couple of the tips that I went through.

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