Today is ‘Go Live’ Day

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: February 25, 2010

Category: General

Today’s the day I’m really excited to (finally) launch not just my new blog but also a brand new website complete with new logo.
HUGE thanks goes to Jon Lucich and his team at LiveBooks in San Francisco, US for all their hard work over the past few weeks designing the site from the ground up; an incredible company with exceptional customer service.

Over the past couple of years I’ve learned just how important a professional website is; not just in how it looks but how it works ‘beneath the hood’. Livebooks know websites, and when I became aware that they’re responsible for sites such as those of Chase Jarvis it was a done deal. Your website is your ‘shop front’ and now more than ever is most likely the first impression that you give to a client…and you know what they say about first impressions. Also, tying in with today’s ‘Go Live’ of the new website, of course there’s also this new blog that has the same branding / colour scheme.

Anything else?

* From today I now have a Facebook Business Page. By becoming a ‘fan’ you can keep up to date with alot more of what’s going on ‘behind the scenes’. Check it out by clicking on this link.

Anyway, rather than write a journal of what’s in the new site, head on over and have a browse around; I’d love to hear what you think of everything that’s been done so please feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

Bye for now.

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  1. Neil Holmes

    New blog design looks really good Glyn!

    • Glyn

      Hey thanks for that Neil; really appreciate it.

  2. Barry Payne

    Congratulations on getting everything up and running again. What a fabulous looking site and blog. It’s all running smoothly and to be able to see the photos in a bigger sharper size really does make all the difference.
    Really like what you have also done to your “about me” page. The collection of photos of you really show the world the ‘Glyn’ I know. A great bloke and friend who is down to earth and has the gift of being able to capture those magic moments in time.

    Well done again. Look forward to seeing more work soon.

    Take Care

    • Glyn

      Barry…as always thanks for all the support and encouragement; you’re a star!!!

  3. kelley

    The new logo is beautiful and I can’t wait to see the site. I know it will be just a great as everything else you do.

    • Glyn

      Hi Kelley,

      Thanks so much for that; glad you like it. The new site is up and running now too; same address as before:

      Hope all is well with you ;o)

  4. Linda Frost

    Congrats on your new site!! It’s awesome!! But then I wouldn’t have expected anything less from you.

    • Glyn

      Hey Linda, thanks for that.; Waaaayyy too kind…but I’ll take the compliment anyway ;o)

  5. shannon

    Been “stalking” your website, blog, etc today after a mention from Scot Baston 😉 and I’m very impressed with all your work. Although I didn’t see your old site, the new one is excellent. The only thing I have an issue with….. you’re so bloody far away !! I would love to be a “tester” for your classes, like a beta version of Glyn Dewis workshop 1.0 LoL. Alas, I’ll just have to be content with trying to absorb as much as possible from your written tutorials. Looking forward to “stalking” regularly ;). TTFN!

    • Glyn

      Hi Shannon,
      Thanks for the ‘stalking’
      Really great to read that you like the content. The old site was one that I put together and it did the job…well, only just. I’ve certainly learned over the past couple of years that when it comes to websites you can’t cut corners.

      Thanks for dropping in (despite the distance)
      Take care and ‘speak’ soon,
      Glyn ;o)

  6. Steve

    Like the new logo, mate

    • Glyn

      Cheers Steve ;o)


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