5 iPad / iPhone Apps I can’t live without

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 15, 2012

Category: General

Hi Folks,

Today I want to mention about some Apps that I use on a daily basis that help me in all kinds of ways from helping me to be more organised to showing my portfolio.

Being an Apple user the Apps I’m talking about here are for use on the iPad and iPhone however they may well be available on other devices (I haven’t checked). Saying that though there are a couple in the list that are also website based making them available to everyone, so here goes…

#1 TeuxDeux
Up until now for getting myself organised I’ve been using the ToDo App [Link] on my iPad and that’s worked great but despite my best efforts I still found myself using sticky pieces of paper to leave notes and reminders all over the place. However I’m now using the TeuxDeux which started off as a website based application and now has an accompanying iPhone App; you can use it on the iPad but it means pressing the 2x button to enlarge it.

For me TeuxDeux is near enough perfect. Sure there are some additions I’d like to see that are already in the ToDo App [Link] such as where you can set a ‘task’ to repeat on a daily basis. I used this in ToDo for reminding me about doing such things as 30 minutes of Photoshop Study and 30 minutes of Reading each day so that once I’d done it , I’d tick it off the list and it would automatically add it to the next day… and so on. I’m sure over time TeuxDeux will add more and more functionality but even now for me it’s helping enormously.

Here’s a promo video from the makers of TeuxDeux:

Teux Deux Website [Link]
Teux Deux in iTunes [Link]
Price (for App): £1.99

#2 Reeder
Part of my daily routine is to check a large number of blogs each and every morning…kind of like my morning paper 🙂

Sure there are loads of RSS Reader App’s out there and to be honest I think I’ve tried most, but the one I’m happiest with because of it’s simplistic layout is Reeder. Not much more I can say about this other than it does exactly what it’s supposed to…no fuss and no hiccups 🙂

Reeder App in iTunes [Link]
Price: £2.99

#3 1Password
It seems like everything needs to have a password these days and despite my best efforts I do (make that ‘did’) find keeping track of them all a bit of a nightmare. I used to keep a little notebook with all the usernames and passwords I’d set up but quickly realised that wasn’t the most secure way to keep a record.

Anyway my password and username nightmares are no more thanks to 1Password. I seriously couldn’t be happier with this App which keeps an encrypted record of all your usernames and passwords in a secure vault which can be accessed from your computer or device but not only that it backs up to Dropbox so that whatever you use it on is in sync.

1Password is available for Mac, Windows, iPhone/iPod, iPad and Android.

1Password in iTunes [Link]
Price: £10.49

#4 Photo Manager Pro
I’ve tried so many different Apps on my iPad for showing my Portfolio, and sure there are some great ones out there but for now at least, I’ve settled for Photo Manager Pro.

Simple in it’s design and layout and with the ability to create numerous albums and arrange photos in any order Photo Manager Pro does everything I feel I need at the moment. Sure it doesn’t allow the user to add any branding as other Apps do such as Portfolio [Link] but at the moment that’s not something I’m all that concerned about.

Photo Manager Pro in iTunes [Link]
Price: £1.99

#5 Kindle
Apart from buying books written by friends or ones that I want to keep for best, I can’t remember the last time I bought a physical book off the Amazon book store.

The ability to take all my books everywhere I go and all in one small device for me is a no brainer. I know there are folks who still like the idea of holding an actual book and that I totally understand but I just love the ability to read or refer to any of my books no matter where I am, plus by using other Apps being able to read my magazines, I totally embrace the digital book revolution 🙂

kindle App in iTunes [Link]
Price: Free

•     •     •

So there you have it…5 Apps that I can’t live without. To be honest there’s actually more I could have mentioned such as Chronicle [Link] but I thought for now I’d restrict it to 5…but what about you? Do you have any Apps that you use on a day to day basis that now you do, you actually wonder how you managed without them?

Why not share the names of some of Apps you get alot of use out of so we can all check them out so please feel free to make use of the comments section below. Maybe you’ve tried some of the Apps I’ve mentioned above and didn’t really get on with them…but why was that? Maybe you could recommend some alternatives?

As always if you have any questions or comments then again, feel free to make use of the comments section below but in the mean time,

Enjoy 🙂

 •     •     •

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  1. Jonathan Thompson

    Thanks for this helpful post, since I’m not yet on the iPhone/iPad yet the App that appeals to me is the 1Password, I have a different password for everything but these days it’s getting very hard to keep track of them all so I’ll give this a go.
    The daily organiser is defo what I need, does it come with a big boot for some strategic kicking? 😉

    Cheers JT

    • Glyn

      @Jonathan…TeuxDeux is superb mate 🙂

  2. Adrian

    For me its got to be Evernote, especially as it syncs across all platforms and I can clip web pages for future reference. Also really like Flipboard to keep up with the latest photography and technology news.

    • Glyn

      @Adrian…Yeah I use Evernote but don’t think I’m getting the most from it so will have to have more of a play; cheers

  3. David Kelly

    Glyn, my own personal favs are:

    Informant HD – Having come from a Window Mobile background before getting into iOS, Pocket Informant was the defacto Calendar, Contacts and Task management programme. It’s not quite the same integration as I had before on my PocketPC due to Apple’s iOS restrictions but using Google Calendar I can sync information across my iOS devices & PC

    Tube Deluxe – Given my regular travel into London for work meetings, this is great app for planning routes and getting status updates on the tube network.

    Puffin – a good alternative browser to Safari with some neat little features such as a ‘mousepad’. Even better it allows me to watch the livestream of ‘The Grid’ on my iPad 🙂

    Stanza – although I have a few Kindle & iBook format ebooks, I have a huge library of .pdf ebook. Stanza is a great free utility that allows me to manage & read my pdf library on the iPad. Works with Dropbox too!

    AppShopper – another free utility that allows you to track price changes, updates, new releases etc on apps.

    I use ‘Mr Reader’ for my RSS feeds. Similar functionality as Reeder really but I prefer it’s interface. I just wish I had enough time to get reading through all my feeds on a regular basis! I had read about 1Password ages ago but avoided it as they didn’t have a Windows app that would offer me a complete solution across all my platforms. Taking a look on their website again on the back of your post, I see they now have it available for Windows 🙂



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