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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 28, 2012

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Hi Folks,

How’s things? Good weekend?

Ok so a short while back I was contacted by Melbourne, Australia based Photographer & Blogger Morgana Creely asking if I’d take part in her ‘5 Questions with…‘ series.

I’d read a few of the other interviews Morgana has posted over on her blog for this series so be asked to take part was a real honour and thoroughly enjoyed answering the 5 questions such as: What do you know about photography now that you wish you’d known when you’d first started? What’s your favourite image in your portfolio and why? …

Huge thanks to Morgana for asking this (nearly) bald guy with a funny accent to take part and for such great questions 🙂

You can check out the article on Morgana’s blog here [Link]

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  1. Paul M

    The bug hit me too when I saw the “red eye” trick in Photoshop a couple years ago! I guess many of us owe a big thanks to whoever designed that trick in Photoshop. You’ve obviously come a long way in seven years and I’m hoping to learn much from you in the near future. I just completed watching “The Making of Homeward Bound” and learned some new stuff I can hopefully use in the future. (Just the “Ugly Fix” portion was SO WORTH IT!). Great job on the video. (I only wish you were in the States so I could attend a workshop of yours.) ~paul

    • Glyn

      Hey Paul,

      Thanks for your message mate; glad you found the HB tutorial useful. Oh and yes re the US…me too 🙂


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