A busy weekend shooting…

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 23, 2008

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I’ve been waiting for this weekend for quite some time now … the weekend of Joe Sharpe’s Bar Mitzvah. With a whole weekend of festivities planned it’s been quite a busy time as on Friday I was over at Joe’s house taking portraits shots of him as he prepared for what is to be one of the biggest events of his life.

Yesterday (Saturday) I was over at Dylan’s Restaurant in Finchley photographing the lunch and speeches. Considering there was quite alot to think about re the photos to be taken, the day was great fun. From the day I met them, Joe’s family have made me feel extremely welcome; so much so, that yesterday despite being the official photographer I felt 100% like a guest. I’ve never experienced a Bar Mitzvah before but from what I saw yesterday, I can now see why it’s such a special time.

This evening sees day 2 of the celebrations with a blazing party at the Harry Abrahams Stadium, London with music, dancing, food and lots of laughter … I can’t wait!! Yet again, I’ve got my good friend Barry helping me out for the two days .. without whom, my job would be considerably harder … cheers Barry.

Oh and one more thing, although I didn’t get to sit down and enjoy a full meal at Dylans yesterday, from what I saw and from the reactions of the guests, the food was outstanding, so I’d certainly recommend it!!!

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  1. KezBazandSam

    Well, I am finally home after a superb couple of days, with some absolutely magical results achieved. I have again truely enjoyed helping you out mate, and very much look forward to being asked again…..you are just how your photos are……..priceless and breathtakingly good. Cheers Buddy 😉

  2. ginger


    Thanks for stopping by “Lainey Days”! I was unaware of your blog and have spent some time this morning looking over your entries. Your photography is just AMAZING!! Maybe someday you can come visit us in Arkansas and take some “real” pictures of the baby!

    Talk to you soon…
    Ginger Mills


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