A Cheeky Plug for my new iPhone App ‘Frizoo’

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: September 19, 2011

Category: General

Hey Folks,
Bit of a strange request here I guess but I want to ask you for your support but I can’t tell you exactly what with; I guess I’d better explain…

Those of you who follow me on Facebook, Twitter and/or Google+ will know that I’m in the middle of having an iPhone App built. Originally called ‘Smee’ but now with a new name of ‘Frizoo‘ I’ve not actually publicised yet what the App does or indeed who it’s targeted at. Well, although today I can’t actually tell you what the App does, and believe me there is good reason for this, I can tell what it isn’t having had a number of pleas requests to tell more…

What it isn’t:

  • About me or my business
  • A ‘Training’ App
  • A Game
  • A ‘Business’ App
  • Targetted at a specific group of people i.e. the App is for anyone and everyone (Adults, Kids, Business Folk, Non-Business Folk etc…)

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes and I have to send out a HUGE thanks to Alex from Analysis21 Ltd [Link] who are designing and building the App and doing an incredible job too; geez I thought I put the hours in but these guys are unstoppable and not forgetting to mention their Customer Service which has blown me away! Seriously folks if you’ve ever thought about having a mobile App built then go speak to these guys! [Link]

Anyway, back to the main reason for this post…

I’ve created a Facebook Page for the Frizoo app and that’s where I’m going to be posting regular updates on how the App is coming along, expected release date, pricing and so on, so if you’re a Facebook user why not head over to the page, click the ‘Like‘ button and keep up to date with the progress: [Link]

I’m kind of anticipating a release date sometime in October once the website has been put together along with a video and of course the testing has been done. Talking of ‘testing’ I’ll be looking for a number of people to be Beta Testers so if this is something you’d like to become involved in, feel free to make it known in the comments section below.

Right that’s all I have for today so thanks a lot for stopping by and lending me your ears for a few minutes,
Enjoy 🙂

• • •

Frizoo on Facebook [Link]
Frizoo on Twitter [Link]

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  1. Brandon Jacoby

    Can’t wait!
    I’ll be a beta tester if needed 🙂

    – Brandon

  2. Daniela

    i guess i could test your app if you’re still looking for testers.

  3. Tim Pursall

    Count me in to test Glyn!
    Regards – Tim Pursal

  4. Brian Worley

    i’ll happily have a look at the beta Glyn

  5. Russell Pritchard

    Hi Glynn,

    I’d be glad to do some beta testing of your app, if you still need people


  6. Juliette Emilie

    Hey Glyn,
    I’d be happy to be a beta tester for you. From the start I’ve been very curious about Frizoo.
    Cheers, Juliette

  7. David

    Happy to help test, so just give me a shout when it is ready Glyn. 🙂

  8. Mike

    More than happy to be a tester for you if you need any more peeps for that

  9. Gareth Davies

    More than happy to test it – might be the app I have been waiting for 😉

  10. April

    Happy to help test Glyn

  11. Elizabeth Gower

    Glyn, Will it work on ipad or android?

  12. Pat Wendt

    Your cryptic announcements have me intrigued 🙂 I’d be delighted to help test it.

  13. Tony Mizen

    I beta anything ! Hope you are well. Must do one of your photo walks in the future!


  14. Kenny McLean

    I’m not sure what I’m volunteering for, but I’m game to give it a try

  15. Adam b

    Hey dude, I’m quite happy to try and break it for you – in a geeky kind of way. All the best with it anyway. Ad

  16. Kevin Halliburton

    “Cheeky” – You guys have all the good words over there! I would love to beta test it for you but I’ll need you to send me an I-phone to install it on. How’s that for cheeky? 🙂

  17. A.J. Wood

    Just been waiting for your email buddy. I’d like to be on the “A-List” for your super secret plan. :^)

  18. Erika Thornes

    I’ll beta! 🙂

    • Glyn

      Hi Folks. Re ‘beta testing’ I’ll be posting about that real soon as the App is getting closer to that point so once we’re ready I’ll post more details. Thanks 🙂

  19. Mark Bush

    Glyn, I’ll be glad to jump on board for testing, too.


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