A Psycho Surgeon & Photoshop for the iPad…and it’s only Monday

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: February 27, 2012

Category: General

Hey Folks how’s things?

How was your weekend?

I spent the day with a great bunch of people yesterday at my Creative Compositing Workshop over at the Wokingham Studio and with our models for the day my Buddy Dave ‘Slasher’ Clayton and Steve ‘Look at the size of his arms’ Lewington

I’ll post a run through of yesterday’s events real soon (I admit I was too tired last night) but in the meantime, just incase you missed it…

Photoshop Touch
Adobe today announced the launch of Photoshop Touch for the iPad 2.

I managed to get a brief look at the App a few weeks back but nowhere near enough to write anything other that “Wow” so to get a closer look check out the video below by Adobe’s very own John Nack:

To find out more you may also want to head on over to John Nack’s blog [Link] where he’s got links to yet more videos and information; looks pretty cool though huh 🙂

Photoshop Touch for the iPad 2 is available from iTunes Store [Link] and is currently priced at £6.99; incredible!

One more thing…albeit nothing to do with Photography or Photoshop…
When I finally got home last night I caught the pilot episode of American TV series ‘Grimm‘ and loved it; have you seen it?

It’s certainly got the ole grey matter thinking of possibilities as to what I’ll now do to the shots I took of Dave at the workshop yesterday 🙂

Right that’s all for now so enjoy the rest of your Monday and I’ll catch you later,
Cheers 🙂

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  1. DaveT

    The ‘Touch’ app looks interesting. It’ll be on my list for when I get my Ipad (next generation due soon?)

    As for Grimm – well some of us like to sleep with the lights off 😉

    Have a good week Glyn


    • Glyn

      @DaveT…Oooppss! I was watching Grimm and having cheese and crackers for supper; nightmares for me :/

  2. Justin

    Hey there Glyn,
    Great stuff! I check in on your blog from time to time. Random question: in the photo above of all of you at your Compositing Workshop, there is a great bluish hue to the photo. I know sooo many ways to get color casts and color grading…but I was wondering how you specifically tinted that one. Just has a really nice finish and feel to it.
    I know…of all the stuff we do to our photos, that is the question I ask! I just love color and it’s probably my favorite and last step of my editing.


    • Glyn

      @Justin…Thanks for stopping and also for checking in from time to time; very much appreciated 🙂
      As for the colouring on the picture I did it using a Selective Color Adjustment Layer. When you choose one change from Reds to Neutrals and play around with the sliders to create the look you’re after.

      Hope that helps,
      Glyn 🙂

  3. Justin

    Thanks a ton for the quick response. Funny…that’s exactly the adjustment I was thinking if it wasn’t a plug in. I typically like to do all my own coloring just to have complete control over it. I do a few things and Selective is one of them. I wouldn’t have thought the neutrals though. I do play around in there but I always thought that “look” had more to do with the reds! There is always this purplish hue to the reds that I love.
    Next time I’ll play with the Neutrals!
    Thanks again

    • Glyn

      @Justin…You’re welcome, enjoy 🙂


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