A Wedding, a Portrait and an iPhone 4…

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: June 28, 2010

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I’d been looking forward to this past weekend for a few weeks now as on the Saturday it was Derek & Dorothy’s Wedding. I wrote earlier about these two very special people and was really pleased to see that so many of you had taken the time to send them ‘Congratulations’ by posting in the Comments section; so many of you in fact that I actually printed out 5 A4 pages worth of comments and gave them to Derek and Dorothy after their Wedding Breakfast.

During Derek’s speech, in which I found it a real challenge to hide the tears, he made mention of their photos that had appeared here on the blog and of the comments you’d all sent in. To say both he and Dorothy are overwhelmed by your kindness is an understatement. They are both clearly emotionally moved that people they don’t know from all around the world had written a message to them. Needless to say Derek & Dorothy have said that they will write a message back to you all and I’ll be sure to post it here on the blog along with some photos from their very special day.

For those of you who haven’t read Derek & Dorothy’s story here on the blog, I’d recommend you go take a look. In my opinion they set the standard that all should follow; their view on life, love and friendship is inspirational and should you ever need to be reassured that there is such a thing as ‘True Love’ you need look no further than these two wonderful people.

Incidentally the photo above is one that I took at Derek & Dorothy’s Wedding of two of their closest friends Steve & Gilly Duffy; a couple of people I have to thank for recommending me and for also introducing me to Derek & Dorothy.

Before I sign off I just want to say a BIG thank you to my Buddy Vince Callaghan who was second shooter and assistant on Saturday and who despite the 30+ degree heat and my constant ‘Can you hold the light just there, left a bit, down a bit’ demands was an absolute star and took some cracking shots of his own too.

The photo of Vince above was taken and edited with my new iPhone 4, and yes I admit I was one of ‘those’ people that got up at silly o’clock to cue in line on launch day 🙂

Talking of the iPhone 4 I’m really pleased with the upgrade particularly around the built in camera and HD video recording; so much so I’ll post about it later in the week and as well as showing examples of photos I’ll also show you an example of some of the movie editing you can do with the iMovie App which is the iPhone version of Apple’s Desktop Movie editing suite; very impressive stuff.

Catch you later 🙂

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  1. Shirley Partridge

    Hi Glyn – It was a real pleasure to meet you on Saturday. Your professionalism, manner and patience was second to none! Thank you. I look forward to seeing the photographs. I must also comment on Steve and Gilly – it is a beautiful picture of two lovely people.

    • Glyn

      @Shirley…Thank you so much for dropping by and posting a comment. It was a real pleasure to meet you and everyone else on Saturday; all of whom made both Vince and myself feel extremely welcome.
      Saturday was a thoroughly enjoyable day and one I will always remember.

      Best wishes to you,

      ps> Thanks also for the kind words about Steve & Gilly’s photo; very kind of you 🙂

  2. Noel Hannan

    What a lovely shot of Steve and Gilly that is sure to remain a family favourite for years, if not forever!

    Sounds like a great experience you had; I think the lesson here is that true love is, thankfully, more evident than one might think and that the medium of photography can be an expression of it.

    Well done mate,
    All the best

    • Glyn

      @Noel…Thanks for the comment about Steve & Gilly’s photo. Making a really special photo of the two of them was actually one of the days priorities for me and also Derek & Dorothy; I’ll explain why when I see you.

      it was as you say a great experience; very emotional and one that has actually made quite an impact on me. Derek & Dorothy are truly wonderful people that I’m so glad to now have as friends…all thanks to photography 🙂


  3. David Kelly


    A nice follow-up post on Derek & Dorothy’s big day. Glad to hear that it all went so well for you & the happy couple, given the extreme weather conditions last weekend. It’s nice that you & Vince were made to feel like welcome friends / guests at the event and I’m sure that connection gave an added congruency / harmony to the work undertaken on the day. No doubt you’ve got some beautiful shots resulting from this.

    As was commented on your original post, it’s that personable connection with the happy couple that’s just so important in taking wedding photographs which don’t just record the event but also capture the spirit or embodiment of the day in a still image.



    BTW All the very best wishes to the newlyweds

    • Glyn

      @David…Yeah it was an amazing day with Derek & Dorothy, and their guests; definitely a day to remember.

      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  4. k worsley

    where is the wedding photos, we are all waiting.

    • Glyn


      Great to hear you’re all looking forward to seeing the photos but before they’re uploaded we need to meet up with Derek & Dorothy to go through them. Once we have and they’re happy they’ll be online in a Password Protected area for friends and family to see.

      Hope that helps,
      Best wishes,
      Glyn 🙂


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