Aaron Blaise – My Top Tip for Improving your Images BIG TIME!!!

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: November 1, 2013

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Hey Everyone,

How’s it going?

Ok so there’s a reason I’ve saved this post for Friday…

In short I want to give you the whole weekend to kick back and absorb the content that my friend Aaron Blaise is posting out on YouTube.

Aaron is a truly incredible and gifted artist having worked on movies including Disney’s The Lion King, Aladin, Pocahontas and many more PLUS Directing the movie Brother Bear.

Thanks to this wonderful Creative Industry Aaron and I have become friends, first meeting up at Photoshop World in Orlando and more recently at Photoshop World in Las Vegas where we got to hang out for the entire week where at one point we got to talking about YouTube

Having been to Aaron’s classes I found myself thinking of Photoshop in a completely different way. It’s kind of hard to explain but seeing Aaron’s process, the way he creates a scene, a character from scratch is utterly fascinating.

As Photographers and Retouchers just as in any other creative field we should NEVER stop learning. We should be like a sponge absorbing as much knowledge as we can and be open to new ways, new approaches that we can build into how we work.

So today I want to point you to Aaron’s YouTube Page and in particular his weekly show Aaron’s Art Tips.

I guarantee you’ll be hooked and you’ll learn so much that will help in both your Photography AND your retouching. Only yesterday evening I found myself again watching Episode5 ‘Finding the Gesture and Line of Action’ – there is SO much to learn about posing in there it’s untrue!!!

So today, this evening, this weekend…kick back press PLAY and learn from one of the Masters.

Oh and make sure you click on the SUBSCRIBE button too so as not to miss any of the content Aaron is posting online each and every week.

Aaron is such a wonderful person and I feel truly blessed to have him as a friend and to have spent so much time with him in the USA recently. I now just cannot wait until next year when we fly over to Florida to spend some days together; quality time before all of us then head on over to Photoshop World, Atlanta.

Good times, Good Memories…Just what life is all about!


•Check out Aaron’s YouTube Channel here [Link]

•Also check out Aaron’s website where he also has lots of downloadable tutorials available [Link]

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