About me…

So who am I? Well in just a few words I guess I could say…

I’m a Photographer, Educator and Best Selling Author living in beautiful Devon in the UK.
I’m a Husband, an Animal Lover and am the Founder and Photographer of the 39-45 Portraits Project.

But here’s a few more random things About Me…


To date I’ve written 3 books covering Photography and Retouching techniques and I’m super proud that each of them have been Best Sellers on Amazon (Published by Rocky Nook)

Speaker / Presenter

To present at Photography Conferences and Exhibtions around the World is such an honour and have led to me becoming a KelbyOne Photoshop World Dream Team Instructor and then in 2017, an Adobe MAX Master when presenting for Adobe in Los Angeles.

Magazine Covers

Magazines around the World that some of my images have featured on the front cover of…

At the start of 2019 I began my “39-45 Portraits Project” which is an entirely self-funded project that involves me travelling the length and breadth of the UK to photograph our surviving World War 2 Veterans with the sole purpose of giving the Veterans and their families a classic, timeless portrait to keep forever.

The project has grown and continues to do so having had it’s first exhibition October 2019 thru January 2020 at the Soldiers Of Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock, UK and with more exhibitons happening over the coming months including the Pegasus Memorial in Normandy, France.

Without doubt this is the BEST thing I have ever done in my life. I’ve made so many incredible friends with so many incredible people and have shed more tears than I dare to admit.

You can find out more about this ongoing project and see examples of the portraits taken so far on the offical project website www.3945portraits.com

I’m incredibly proud and honoured to have a relationship with the British Army.

Can’t do enough for these great people who are not only immensly talented but also immensly brave when it comes to some of the situations they find themselves in with a camera in hand.

Ambassador of The Veterans Charity

In 2019 I was overwhelmed to be approached about becoming Ambassador of The Veterans Charity; an incredible organisation that work tirelessly for Veterans in Immediate Need.

I’d love it if you headed over to their website to check out the vital work they do. Also keep an eye on this site for ways you’ll be able to help by supporting a variety of fund-raising events I have planned over the coming months with a goal to raise over £50,000 that will be shared equally between The Veterans Charity and the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans, including me jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane to do a Tandem Skydive with the Red Devils.

Westcott Top Pro and BenQ Ambassador

Couldn’t be happier to be associated with these two great companies; both of which create products that make my life as a creative so much easier.

One thing I always emphasise to folks is that I only use and recommend equipment that is ‘fit for purpose’ and does what it is intended to do, and not use kit purely because it has been pushed my way by a company as freebie. I was using lighting equipment from Westcott and had a monitor made by BenQ long before a relationship developed but now it has I’m a very happy camper indeed.