VIDEO: Un-Boxing Loxley Colour Alumini Prints

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: August 7, 2016

Category: Videos

Kicking the week off with an Un-Boxing Video I recorded recently having taken delivery of two Alumini Prints from Loxley Colour.

The prints were both of the same image but done to compare and to see which finish (Gloss or Satin) works best for it as I’d edited it in such a way building up layers of contrast, sharpness and light that results in a picture almost coming out of the screen.

So which one wins?

Check out the video below…

•Note: At the time of recording the video, the 20″ x 16″ Alunini prints from Loxley Colour retail at £55

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  1. Jonathan Thompson

    That’s really quite a hug difference. Look forward to learning your 3D editing technique. Is it in the new book or here on the website?
    After recently printing for a food portfolio and having a satin finish I wasn’t sure it was the right choice. Then I received Art Culinaire magazine with my front cover image, which is a gloss/semi gloss, and I think it looks far more punchy. A better representation of the on screen image.
    I think I’ll pick a specific food shot and see what Loxley think will be the best approach.


    • Glyn Dewis

      Hi JT. Yeah the 3D / Contrast Building technique will be in the new book for sure.
      As for the finish yeah it depends on the image but for this one it worked a treat in glass…definitely more punchy. Highly recommend calling Loxley and speaking to get advice or maybe even sending off for some test prints.

      Cheers, Glyn


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