Anatomy of an Assassin: Photography & Photoshop BTS

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: July 3, 2012

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Hi Everyone,

Hope all is well with you.

Today I thought I’d go back to my Assassin picture that I posted a short while ago and give you a bit more of a look behind the scenes (B.T.S.) so you can see how the image was photographed and edited.

Ok so here’s the finished picture which I think took around 2 hours to retouch. The final edit was made up of 7 pictures that included:

  • Original Studio Shot of Mehmet
  • 2 photographs of London to make up the cityscape
  • The Sky / Smoke
  • Birds
  • Thingys
  • Texture

Here you can see the retouching steps in Photoshop from the ‘out of camera‘ image to the final picture (click to enalrge)

Here’s a close up showing the reflection that was added into Mehmet’s glasses…

This was done in such a way using the luminosity of the actual reflection so as Mehmet’s face and eyes would still partially visible as they weren’t ‘mirror glasses’ … you know, like The Fonz used to wear or am I showing my age? 🙂

Studio Set Up
Mehmet was photographed on a grey seamless background with a 3 light set up; 2 rim lights and one medium softbox as the front/key light.

The reason for the rim lights was that in the final picture I knew I’d be adding in a brighter light coming from behind Mehmet so these lights would represent that.

Shooting Tethered
I shoot tethered all the time in the studio and increasingly more so when working out on location; it makes such a difference being able to see your shots appear on a bigger screen as you take them so you can see all the details and if you need to tweek things that you may have missed by using just the screen on the back of your camera.

If you do shoot tethered then I’d highly recommend you check out the TetherTools range of kit too; makes life so much easier by keeping everything organised and secure, and by that I mean no cables being accidentally pulled out etc… Oh and by the way if you do place an order with TetherTools be sure to use the promo code DEWISTT8 which will put a FREE Jerkstopper [Link] in with your order 🙂

And again here’s the Before and After images…

As always if you have any questions / comments then please feel free to make use of the comments section below and I’ll get back to you. Oh and if you’re coming along to the Photography & Photoshop Workshop on Saturday 21st July [Link] you’ll get to shoot Mehmet as he’ll be one of the models for the day…can’t wait for folks to see the theme we have planned.

Right that’s all from me so whatever you’re up to today have a good one and I’ll catch you tomorrow,
Glyn 🙂

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  1. DaveT

    Nice explanation with images Glyn, its a good alternative to the video.

    The message that you carefully plan your lighting with the end result in mind for the composite image comes across loud and clear.


  2. Kevin Sharpe

    Great info again Glyn, really looking forward to the 21st and what you have planned for the shoot with mehmet, it’ll be great to do the shoot right up to the finale composite.
    Many thanks for another great post.
    Regards Kevin

  3. Mark

    Good Morning Glyn, Lots of great infos here (as allways!) that are making my mind sprout new Ideas for a small workshop I am doing on the 21st.
    As Dave sayed your shearing the lightingplan with the end result in mind is a valuble tip.
    thanks alot and also have a Great Day.

  4. David Kelly

    Great work as always Glyn. Thanks for sharing.

  5. chanel fusco

    WOW flippin’ loving these shots!

  6. Scott

    In relation to the images with the glasses reflection I can clearly see more detail in the right images on the models person and jacket. Did you create this and if so how?

    • Glyn

      Sure thing Scott…I added more details and texture plus dodging and burning to give it a harder/detailed look 🙂

  7. Craig O'Hara

    Hi Glyn. Your tutorials are perfect for where I am in my photography at the mo. Love your stuff and so agree with the composite mentality. so frustrating living in uk. Its exciting to put any background you choose into a pic. provided you have the skills. On this tutorial was wondering if the smoke is stock? or difference clouds? presume its blended in using layer blend mode?



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