Powerful Portraits with my NEW Anytime, Anywhere Portrait Kit

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: August 19, 2018

Category: Kit | Photography

A while back now I posted about what I called my Anytime, Anywhere Portrait Kit; kit that I pretty much always had with me for when those opportunities presented themselves to take an impromptu portrait.

Kit I used back then was a Canon 760D, a Phottix Mitros+ Speedlight and the Rogue Flashbender XL; great kit and very portable. However, since then things have changed so I thought I’d update you with what I’m using now which is:

All of this kit pretty much fits into the bag that the modifier (Westcott Beauty Dish) comes in except for the camera that, which again keeps the kit compact and more likely to be with me pretty much all of the time.

Westcott Switch

The Westcott Rapid Box Switch Beauty Dish is fast becoming my favourite modifier. The Switch brand name means that it can be used with both speedlights and studio lights so there’s only ever need to buy that modifier once as opposed to having to buy a new one for each light I use it with. This is because all you needs is an adaptor for the light as opposed to the modifier as most, actually all other modifiers come with the light fitting built in.

Recently I was catching up with a friend of almost 40 years, Nathan Black who has been through an incredibly difficult time lately having had 2 kidney transplant operations but his mental strength is something to behold; I just had to interview him for our podcast, HE SHOOTS, HE DRAWS.

Once we’d finished the interview I quickly set up my Anytime Anywhere Kit and took his portrait…

Westcott Switch

This is the final result where I’ve also added some text that Nathan has tattoo’d on his forearm and what I love is what Nathan had to say about it which again shows how powerful portraits can be…

“Your picture is an evocative reminder of my journey over the last year. I’m coming out from the darkness and back into the light…love this”

Westcott Switch

In the near future I’m going to be releasing a full length tutorial that will take folks through a full photo shoot showing how I create my Black and White Portraits like the ones I recently shared in my Children of World War 2 Series and in it I’m going to include a section all about taking the Anytime Anywhere portraits.

As for the lighting style, here’s a video that will give you an idea even though you see me using studio lighting…

Catch you next time

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  1. Philip Aveston

    Glyn, Thanks for the interesting blog post on how your Go-Kit has evolved.

    It’s nice to see that Westcott has finally built an upgrade to the original RapidBox. It was so one dimensional as you could only use a single speedlight and there was no chance of attaching a studio light. The Switch finally provides the flexibility required.

    I’ve been using the Pixapro Quickbox for a while now. It’s very similar to the Westcott Switch and has proved to be a great modifier to keep handy and use at short notice.


  2. richard edens

    This piece is so empowering as a photographer looking to learn. I am currently in the shifting my own paradigm as a photographer from gear obsessed to a more minimalist approach. Working on a plan for a personal project and seeing your approach to this kit is very helpful, I appreciate it.

    Do you think this this set up is limited to close up portraits or the collapsible beauty dish is capable of lighting a full/upper half of a subject without having to move to the larger octas?

  3. Edward

    Glyn, what lens do you use for this kit?


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