An Apology about my YouTube Channel

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: August 1, 2016

Category: General

Might sound kind of strange that I want to kick the week off with an apology, so let me explain…

Whilst out teaching at the Photoshop World Conference in Las Vegas at the end of one of my classes I was approached by a lady who was hard of hearing. She was accompanied by someone signing and through her we had a conversation about what I had covered and it was then that it dawned on me and to be honest I’m kind of ashamed I’d never thought about it until this moment..

Glyn Dewis YouTube

How on earth do folks who are hard of hearing cope when it comes to learning Photoshop when attending such functions BUT more so how have I as an Educator failed to think about this when it comes to my own downloadable content and YouTube Channel?!?!?

Once we’ve finished speaking I went through a THATS IT! moment; no more content will be without transcript!

Since being back home I’ve started getting my most popular videos transcribed using my favourite place for this, REV, and placing these transcriptions along with the videos so that they come up as subtitles, and this too will carry on with every new video.

Glyn Dewis YouTube Transcription Graphic

So again, I write this as an apology but also a thank you to Photoshop World for giving me a slap around the face.


•Here you can see my new YouTube Trailer that has also been transcribed, has subtitles, CC etc…


•   •   •

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  1. Mark Imhof

    Hey Glyn!
    It’s intresting how we things need to be put right in our face that we realize what we have forgoten, eaven if it is somthing so clear!
    Thanks for another geate Post!
    I allways injoy all your stuff!

    • Glyn Dewis

      Totally agree mate; still can’t believe I never even thought about this until it was mentioned.
      Great to know you tune into the blog mate…cheers

  2. Anthony Crothers

    Don’t beat yourself up too much fella, anyone of us that follows your blog/social media could have pointed it out! Besides, with those ‘guns’ you might do yourself some serious harm!

  3. suruha

    One would almost have to be presented with certain situations before one could possible foresee any issue for that situation. Until I became disabled, I never thought much about it. I asked a man in a wheelchair, once, what his ‘handicap’ was. Doh! Now that I fall into this category, I am so much more aware of other folks and those who can’t get around well!
    That you became aware is a milestone for you! I’m happy for you! It just shows what a conscientious person you are.
    Thank you!

    • Glyn Dewis

      Thanks so much for taking the time out to comment and share your words.
      Glad to hear from so many already that doing this to my videos is a good thing.

      Best wishes to you and thank you for the kind words

  4. Wendy

    Hi Glyn, Really nice of you to actually make a point of blogging about this and not just updating your videos. I’m actually profoundly deaf and search for subtitled videos to follow. I’ve recently bought your bundle when it was on offer, and as you will know that isn’t subtitled, but I have to say what made me buy it was that from watching your You Tube videos, you have one of the best voices for me to hear. Clear, not mumbling, so even when I can’t see your face to lipread I can actually follow with my loop hearing system a good 85-90% of what you say. Combine that with watching what you do to the photo means I can follow along really well. At a conference like Photoshop World I would struggle big time with background noise, so I avoid these events. I don’t use sign language. A big Thank You from me for changing your system, as soon as you became aware from meeting the lady. All the Best, Wendy

    • Glyn Dewis

      Hi Wendy
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I’m currently recording new material both for the YouTube Channel and for Download and from now on each will come with every part of it transcribed too. I think also for Photoshop World I’ll be having download links for transcripts of the extra stuff I cover on stage so that everyone can get hold of them and follow along.

      Best wishes to you and thanks again


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