ATHLETE: Full Length Photoshop Compositing Tutorial AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 11, 2014

Category: General

Hey Everyone,

Just dropping in to let you know that I’ve released a Brand New Full Length Compositing Tutorial called: ATHLETE

Available NOW in my Web Store I’m genuinely pleased and excited how this tutorial has turned out!

•    •    •

Throughout the tutorial I take you step by step covering all of the retouching in Camera RAW and Photoshop and of course all that we do in Camera RAW can be done in Lightroom too if that’s what you prefer.

When you purchase the tutorial as well as the original RAW file and images that go to make up the background you get 2 full layered Photoshop files: one for the original work on the athlete and then the other showing how the background was made from scratch and then how the final composite was put together.

There’s 17 video tutorials that take you through each of the stages in detail which includes:


VIDEO 1: Introduction & Brief explanation of lighting

VIDEO 2: Creating the Running Track – Part 1

VIDEO 3: Creating the Running Track – Part 2 (Using Vanishing Point)

VIDEO 4: Creating the Running Track – Part 3 (Removing the Buildings etc)

VIDEO 5: Creating the Running Track – Part 4 (Changing the Perspective / Camera Angle)

VIDEO 6: Creating the Running Track – Part 5 (Adding Sky, Lighting Effects and Birds)

VIDEO 7: Enhancing Details and Eyes in Camera RAW

VIDEO 8: Removing Blemishes, Dust and Hot Spots PLUS Image Settings and Smart Objects

VIDEO 9: Non Destructive Body Reshaping

VIDEO 10: Dodging and Burning – Part 1

VIDEO 11: Dodging and Burning – Part 2

VIDEO 12: Removing Shadows using Frequency Separation PLUS Working on Hair

VIDEO 13: Making the Selection / Cut Out PLUS the Overlay Trick

VIDEO 14: Adding the Athlete into the Scene PLUS Techniques for enhancing the hair cut out

VIDEO 15: Selection / Cut Out Technique for Quickly Removing Outlines

VIDEO 16: Matching Colour between Foreground and Background PLUS Black & White Conversion to Desaturate

VIDEO 17: Finishing Touches

•    •    •

At just $27 and with just under 2 hours of content, the tutorial is worked through in Photoshop CC but the techniques covered are also transferable to earlier versions going back to Photoshop CS4 as I also show workarounds.

Check out ATHLETE in my Web Store at this [Link]

Have a great day and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.

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  1. Nick Bayliss

    Excellent tutorial yet again. Love the way you talk us through each step and your very easy to listen to. Made my photoshop skills improve since finding your site and you have shown me some short cuts to working that would of taken me hours in the past.
    Keep up the good work.



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