Available Now: Elinchrom Firmware Update

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 30, 2016

Category: General


Just a quickie…

Elinchrom have just released (30/1/2016) Firmware updates relating to:

  • Skyport HS (Canon v.1.2 & Nikon v.1.2)
  • ELB 400 (v.1.7)
  • ELC Pro HD (v.21)
  • EL-Skyport Computer Software (v.

To update to the latest versions so you’re getting the very best from your units CLICK HERE for more information

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  1. steve

    Please impart to the Elinchrom team everyone’s growing impatience regarding an upgrade to the EL Skyport v3.2 .452 software that lacks any 64bit support for macOS and is generally a very buggy software at best. It would be nice if the software recognized the ‘new’ skyport receivers properly. They are missing an opportunity to give their users an added bonus product with great potential . Thanks!


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