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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 30, 2012

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Hi Folks,

How was your weekend?

So who of you managed to get your self along to Scott Kelby’s final Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It Seminar in London?

It was great to be asked to join Scott on stage as a Guest and go through some retouching techniques on one of the images he’d shot earlier of model Shaun Stafford. Talking of Shaun, without doubt one of the funniest moments of the day was Scott’s response of ‘Holy crap dude…are we even the same species?” when Shaun, who was in incredible condition, walked onto stage…classic 🙂

Anyway following on from Saturday’s Guest Retouching spot and indeed teaching a class at Photoshop World last month yesterday I recorded a video going through a series of Photoshop Retouching Tips & Techniques.

The video link and password has been sent out to all who initially signed up for the webinar and subscribed to my newsletter and sees me going through a number of techniques including:

  • #1 Creating Realistic Lights
  • #2 The Cartoon Effect
  • #3 Compositing Tips / Techniques
  • #4 Ugly Retouching
  • #5 Using the Fill Slider
  • #6 History, Thingys and Contrast

The video is just over 40 minutes long and in it I couldn’t resist adding in a few bonus tips and techniques that I’ve never shown before.

How do I get to see the video?
Easy. All you need to do is to subscribe to my newsletter which I have now set up to automatically reply once you do so with the necessary link and password…it’s as easy as that 🙂

Subscribe to my newsletter here [Link]

Or…click on the Newsletter Sign Up graphic in the side bar on the right of your screen.

After watching, if you have any questions or comments then please as always feel free to make use of the comments section below; that way anybody else who has the same question will get to see the answer too.

Right that’s all for now so have a great start to the week and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow,
Enjoy 🙂

•     •     •

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  1. Kevin Sharpe

    Great Video Glyn with some great tips and instruction, I shall look forward to have another run through later today, thank you for sharing your skills that no doubt took you many years to develop.

  2. Tim Pursall

    Hi Glyn,

    Great to meet up last Saturday, albeit briefly. It was a long day for me! Having said that I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing.

    Congratulations on being chosen by Scott to do a guest appearance. We’ll be queuing for your autograph soon!

    Look out for a blog post from me very soon about the seminar which will include an image and speed edit video putting a few of the techniques learnt to use.

    Great tips on the video by the way.


    Tim Pursall

  3. Jonathan Thompson

    Well that was brilliant Glyn. Very clear, easy to follow and fairly easy techniques that have a big impact on the final image. Can’t wait to get to try them. I must be getting better, only 6 pages of notes this time 😉 The colour/color matching really makes a big difference to the final look, it’s a step that’s so easy to miss yet you’ll look at your image & think, it’s not quite there yet. Really useful tips that crop up often in real world editing that many people will benefit from.
    Perhaps a Wacom tablet should be next on the list, it’s been demonstrated to me many times how much nicer & quicker you can work on image editing.
    Look forward to future tutorials & seeing what you & Dave come up with next time.

    Cheers, JT

  4. Linda

    Glyn, Great segment Saturday at the Kelby workshop. It was a special treat to see how you do what you do. Now I need to learn more…

  5. Glyn

    Hey thanks so much for the comments; great to know you like the video…cheers 🙂

  6. DaveT


    Thank you so much for this wonderful tutorial.

    Having it recorded allowed me to pause the video whilst I took notes, go back where necessary to make sure I understood what had happened, and allow me to view it again after trying a few techniques out on my own. It’s much better than seeing it live and trying desperately to keep up whilst I scribbled at the same time as watching.

    Your techniques are so well explained, well illustrated, and you have the gift of being able to explain it in a straightforward manner, making the seemingly complex appear simple.

    Thank you again for sharing your knowledge.


  7. les matthews

    Hi Glyn, thanks for sharing your knowledge with others. I have been signed up for your news letter but have not recieved a link or password for the free video. I don’t want to miss it. It would be appreciated if you could check into it. With much Thanks, Les.

  8. Mathieu

    Signing up for your newsletter now! Great incentive by the way Glyn!

  9. Justin Blair

    Fantastic work on that video/webinar. Even for someone that knows a lot of these types of techniques there’s something to be learned from each segment. I really liked the section of adding the light source in a way that doesn’t turn it grey. I add those all the time and never really even gave the color a second thought aside from tinting it yellow or something. Great stuff all around.

  10. Will Guthrie

    Hi Glyn,

    Just wanted to take a mo to thank you for creating the April webinar tips and techniques video (finally set aside some time to sit and watch it!) and to let you know how enjoyable and informative i found it to be. Some great tips here and a lot to take away from it but personally i found the whole compositing thing to be fascinating and left me wanting more!

    I’ve tried it on a couple of images and the tips you gave work just great. Just got to practice a bit more and work now on refining those edges a bit to make it blend more seamlessly lol.

    I used to be a bit wary and, if i’m honest, a tad sceptical in the past about composit imaging, thinking i’d lose days of my life in the black hole that can be Photoshop sometimes, trying to come up with something that in the end wouldn’t amount to much. Your top-notch series of great character portraits have proved to me that the effort can be so worthwhile and i hope to give one of your workshops a go sometime in the near future.

    Thanks once again for your kindness in posting and look forward to future posts. Nice to see you and your buddy Dave enjoying a bit more recognition for your efforts too these days.

    Best regards,


    • Glyn

      Hey Will,
      Thanks for that … great to hear you enjoyed it 🙂




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