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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: September 21, 2009

Category: General

This past weekend I was photographing Baby Imogen – the beautiful daughter of Paul & Erin O’Connell, who’s Wedding I photographed back in early 2008. I was originally contacted by Erin’s father and someone I’m very proud to call a friend, Frank Samaras (You can read about Frank in an earlier blog entry by clicking here) and we set the date once Imogen had reached around 3 weeks of age.

Imogen was an absolute delight to photograph; in fact I’m convinced that despite her age she knew exactly what was going on as even after having been moved from one position to the next and going through several wardrobe changes she didn’t complain once.

When photographing babies or very young children when possible I like to use available light rather than strobes. I prefer this approach for a number of reasons but the main ones being that I don’t want to risk the child having an adverse reaction to the light flashing and also the light could startle them and maybe start them crying which is a definite ‘no, no’.

All of the photos of Imogen were taken using natural light coming through a large window in the living room where we were set up and also a California Sunbounce Reflector was used on the opposite side. On a few of the shots I asked that Imogen lay down on white towels which look great for a clean, fresh, soft look but also are great for bouncing a little light into the shadows.


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