Back from some ‘Time Out’ in Devon…

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 21, 2012

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Hi Folks,

How’s things?

Well we’re back home now after spending a superb weeks holiday down in Devon looking after our friends farm; such good fun.

So now it’s time to hit the ground running and get on with a busy time ahead but to start the week off I thought I’d share some photos from our time away; funny thing is, despite taking a load of kit with me 99% of all the photos I took were taken using my iPhone…

iPhone Photo

Throughout the week we’d been getting up early to tend to all the animals and I’d been meaning to get up extra early to take some photos because seeing the day start is something real special in Devon. It wasn’t actually until the last morning of our stay that I set the alarm for 4.30am and ventured out to photograph the Swan nesting on the island in the middle of the lake. The photograph above was taken using my iPhone whilst I sat on a bench warming up waiting for some of the mist to clear.

iPhone Photo

The panorama above showing some of the farm land was taken using the 360 App for iPhone. I posted a walk through of how it was done last week; you can check it out here [Link]

Just some of the new friends we got to hang out with during the week…

iPhone Photo

I figured after spending years of doing strict diets during my Bodybuilding days I’m allowed a little treat (or two) now…yeah I know…I’m rationalising but hey…it was bloomin’ delicious 🙂

  • Cream Tea from The Captains Cabin, Beer
  • Scotch Egg; in fact all the food at The George Inn, Chideock (Pub & Restaurant): Just over the border in Dorset but the best food around and great price too!
  • Cheese from River Cottage Canteen, Axminster

iPhone Photo

Normally when we venture down to Devon we drop in to nearby Lyme Regis and this time was no exception…it’s kind of become a ritual but it’s such a beautiful place. If you’ve never been there it’s a must.

Bit of trivia for you…Lyme Regis is where they filmed The French Lieutenants Woman. Oh and they do the best chips (ok I admit it…they were another treat) 🙂

iPhone Photo

This shot of Merryck was again taken using my iPhone after a walk and swim in the lake, and I posted a look at how it was edited using Snapseed and Photoshop CS6 last week which you can see here [Link]

iPhone Photo

Feel incredibly blessed and lucky to have such wonderful friends in Keith & Bridget…

Oh and here’s the nesting Swan I mentioned about at the start; definitely made getting up at 4.30am worth it just to sit and watch (One of the rare shots whilst away taken with my DSLR)…

So there you go…our week away in Devon on Spillers Farm which went by far too quickly, but hey looking on the positive side of things that just means we have the the next visit to look forward to and then of course there’s the time when we relocate 🙂

That’s all from me for today so whatever you’re up to have a good one and  I’ll see you back here tomorrow,

Enjoy 🙂

•     •     •

Spillers Farm: Working smallholding, Bed &  Breakfast, Self Catering Cottage and Tea Rooms [Link]

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  1. David Kelly

    Glad to hear (and see!) you had a good time down at Spillers. Hopefully you didn’t have to get too close to get that shot of the mute swan as cob’s (the male) are known to defend their nesting territory very aggresively!
    Presumably you stocked up on some Stinger too whilst at the River Cottage canteen? 😉


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