FANTASTIC!!! Bathroom Lighting for Photographing Muscular Physiques

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: June 18, 2013

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Yesterday I posted my new Detached picture up onto my 500px portfolio and across my social media sites (Facebook, Google+ Twitter) .

I’ve since had a few messages asking about the lighting set up so I thought for today I’d give you a look with the aid of a Behind the Scenes photo to explain the lighting set up…

Now when it comes to the lighting, I used a 3 light set up arranged in a way that I call Bathroom Lighting. (For this you only really need the one light; I just added rim lights to create a different look)

So why Bathroom Lighting?
Well if I’m honest this comes from the time when I used to compete at Bodybuilding. The small light in the bathroom above the mirror, because it was high up and a relatively small light source, would really emphasise the muscle groups because of the hard shadows.

So translating this into lighting a model, the light source which in this case is a beauty dish is positioned high up in front of the model and angled steeply down. This has the effect of emphasising the highlights and shadows in between the muscle groups and making them stand out and  much appear much more pronounced.

I’ve actually had a few Physique Athletes / Bodybuilders in the past ask “Could you use lighting like the light in a bathroom?” before now too 🙂

In the picture below you can see the lighting set up being used that I’m on about (but on a different shot of our model) i.e. the Beauty Dish being high above the model to the front and angled steeply down.

Of course it doesn’t have to be a Beauty Dish you use…literally any light source high up and angled down will emphasise highlights and shadows to give physiques the WOW factor.

Before / After
And finally to give you an idea of the retouching involved to reach the final picture here’s a look at the Before (Out of Camera) shot and the Final Edit side by side:

You can check out a larger / better screen quality version of my Detached picture over on my 500px portfolio here [Link]

Have a great day folks and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.

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  1. John Campbell

    Hi Glyn

    Like this shot, especially the greenest dark tones of image.

    Why dot do a video of how you achieved this look?



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