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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: October 29, 2013

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Hey Everyone,

Thanks for stopping by.

Today I want to let you know about last week when I was interviewed on BBC Radio.

Last Friday BBC Radio Oxford were broadcasting Live from Chinnor in Oxfordshire at Lotte’s Kitchen and a few days beforehand I was contacted and asked if I would be able to come along for an extended interview.

Lottle’s Kitchen is owned by Lotte Duncan; Celebrity Chef, Author and Presenter who we became friends with when moving to the nearby area; a fabulous place to eat and chat and also a place I’ll go to regularly throughout the week when I fancy replying to emails and writing away from the office / studio. (any excuse)

BBC Radio and Presenter Kat Orman were on location in Chinnor as part of their Big Tour of Oxford and you can still catch the recording from the LIVE broadcast for the next 3 days from this post.

During the interview Kat asked me about all kinds of things from child hood, moving to London, my time as a Competitive Bodybuilder and then onto my life as a Photographer, Retoucher and Trainer and what it entails. The interview lasts about 20 minutes and is at around 2hrs 8 minutes into the broadcast.

Pictured with BBC Presenter Kat Orman and Pudsey Bear; official mascot and face of the BBC’s Children in Need

You can check out the interview on the BBC Radio website here [Link]

Right that’s all from me for today so have a good one and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow.


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  1. John Skinner

    Wow.. I had no idea you had come from such meager beginnings Glyn, let alone now.. being so close to Wallingford. I have many friends in that area still, and what’s left of our English side down near Southhampton. Great listen, just wasn’t long enough. I wanted more and it ended.

    I’m not prone to emotions like envy and ‘looking up to’ at the age of 53. It’s just not something that makes it self felt at this age. But I can honestly say I am.. It’s funny when you see, and make a connection with others work and it just feels right when you look at it, and see how it all works. And you want something so bad… and it just never seems to gel.. Maybe someday I will have the fortune of a workshop with you and have ‘my penny drop’ with help.

    And as long as I’m dribbling here. Thank you for all you produce, and put out there for everyone. In just the last weeks since watching the 20 odd episodes, I’ve have seen a difference in workflow. And it’s good. So, again, thanks for all of it.

    Saving the largest place on the back of my WACOM for your signature.

    – John

    • Glyn

      John, thank you so very much for the comment. Yeah growing up was interesting but no regrets…if things hadn’t happened the way they did I wouldn’t be doing what I do and be with who am; of that I’m convinced!
      I genuinely look forward to the day we catch up. I can’t thank you enough for all the support you give. You’re one of the good guys!

      Best wishes to you,


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