Bearded Villains: Behind the Scenes PLUS Lighting

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 15, 2016

Category: Photography

As promised, following on from yesterday’s post here’s a sneak peek at the lighting set up that went into my recent Bearded Villains picture that I shot this past weekend.


A really simple studio set up using just one light source; an Elinchrom ELC 1000 in the Elinchrom 135cm Octa…my current favourite modifier.


You’ll also see that I have a white foam / bounce board on the opposite side to the light; this is simply to fill in some shadows…to lift them from being too dark.

This purpose of this photo shoot was to create a particular picture that will be a chapter in my new book that I’m currently working on. The chapter will show everything from the idea/concept and take readers through the lighting, photo shoot and then how to take the out of camera RAW file through all the retouching steps to end up with the final result that resembles a particular look/style.

Both Mac and Sam were sitting on two chairs positioned close to each other and we just took our time changing their positions, working on expressions and so on until we got exactly what we were after. Taking this much time to get one picture demonstrated yet again how big an impact just a slight change in expression, pose can make to a picture.


The Octa was positioned camera right, to the front of the both Mac and Sam with the bottom at about their head height with it angled down slightly:



With regards to the retouching that went into giving the picture it’s final look, I’ll be covering all of that in the book however there is definitely potential for a couple of videos that I’ll post on my YouTube channel showing some steps you likely wouldn’t know were done, but were vital…one in particular 🙂

Right that’s all from me for today so have a good one and I’ll catch you back here next time.

As always though if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to make use of the comments section below and I’ll be sure to get back to you.


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