My NEW Monitor – The BenQ SW320 ROCKS!!!

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 22, 2017

Category: Review

At the end of last week I took delivery of my new monitor; the brand new BenQ SW320 and the one I’m using for all my post production needs (still image, video etc…) and I could not be happier!

Up until then I was using the BenQ Sw2700PT which was good … very good, but the SW320 is, and I apologies for the phrase but I don’t know how best to say it, on a whole new level!

32″ of 4K UHD and 99% Adobe RGB loveliness with screen shade surround, calibrations software that works with my i1 Display Pro and so much more than I can mention in this post hence why I’ll be doing a video very soon!

Benq SW320

This year is going to be when I make some changes to some hardware I use and this isn’t something I do on a whim (because I’ve invested heavily in other brands) but to support these changes I want to make sure that what I see is what I get when it comes to working on my pictures and this is why I’m so damn happy with the new monitor.

The Sw320 has only just been released and like I said I’ll do a video on it v.soon so you can see a bit more of it but for now in addition to the additional connections it gives me (USB, Ethernet, HDMI, Mini Display, SD Card slot etc…) here’s a few more features…


Benq SW320

99% Adobe RGB
Meaning…realistic representation of colours

Benq SW320

10 -bit Colour Display
Meaning…seriously smooth colour gradations throughout more than 1 billion colours…and that’s a lot!

Benq SW320

High Dynamic Range
This is going to come in very handy with another change of hardware I’ll let you know about later

Benq SW320

Brightness Uniformity

Benq SW320

The ability to see the same picture in different colour spaces side by side with just one click…I sooooo needed wanted this!

Benq SW320

When we invest so heavily in our cameras and lenses it’s incredibly important to make sure that the monitor you use is up to the job and at the very least, is calibrated on a regular basis.

I’ve only had the monitor all set up for a few days and have worked on just a a few images but already I’m loving it. Just the increase in screen size and resolution would have been enough but it’s all the extra utilities and functionality that for me makes it a winner. I’ve spent a lot of money in the past on others brands of monitors and yeah although this one comes in at around the £1100-ish mark which is still quite an investment, other brands to have ‘almost’ the same spec cost a heck of a lot more. I was originally recommended to check out BenQ by a friend of mine, Frank Doorhoff who has always done me proud with other recommendations. When I first go the BenQ SW2700 I immediately could see the difference, especially in the blacks and even more so when I got prints back from Loxley…they were just BANG ON!

Anyway I could go on but keep an eye out for the video I put together soon so you can see more.

Catch you later

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