Blackchurch Rock: Having fun with a 10-Stop

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 9, 2021

Category: Photography | Kit

Continuing my “Portrait Photographer takes on Landscape Photography” quest, a few days ago I headed down to an incredible location just a short drive away from where I live, called Blackchurch Rock ( What3 Words: ///expanded.dugouts.haunt )

This was actually the 2nd time I’d been there as I was there the day before but there were no clouds in the sky whatsoever; a beautiful clear blue sky but not something you want for such a dramatic location as Blackchurch Rock.

I met up with a super nice fella by the name of Doug Insol whom I’ve got to know since having moved to Devon. Doug is one heck of a good landscape photographer and the day before when we were both there, although conditions weren’t the best for a dramatic shot, we still had a great evening chatting, laughing and taking photographs…generally enjoying being there.

However, the following day when we headed back the conditions were bang on!

Wellington boots being a must, I was able to step further out into the retreating tide and get amongst the rocks for a better angle giving some leading lines back towards Blackchurch Rock itself as the sea washed over.

Once in position I felt worked for a good composition (and I was out far enough but still safe) it was then a case of waiting for the sun to peak through the clouds.

Wanting that smoothy, cloudy looking effect on the sea as it washed over the rocks I opted for a shutter speed of 4 seconds and to achieve this meant using a 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter on my 16mm lens.

The one I used was the K Series 95mm HD MRC ND1000 from H&Y along with the filter holder that I got from my friend Paul Genge at PhotoTEQ (LINK)

This whole landscape / seascape photography thing has really got hold of me now. I’m thoroughly enjoying getting out and about and trying something new. Of course I’ll always be a portrait guy but I just want to keep doing this stuff for me. I’m loving it.

Now I can’t wait to keep heading back to Blackchurch Rock throughout the year to see how it changes with the seasons and also give some night / astro photography a try too.

So much fun to be had.

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