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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: June 19, 2012

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Hi Folks,

How’s things with you?

Today I thought I’d share a picture from a recent photo shoot with Bodybuilder/Physique Model Mehmet Edip.

Now the picture here was taken at the end of the official shoot purely for some fun as I always like to take Character portraits for posting in the write up here on the blog. No one escapes…even me, so I’ll share all the photos when I do the full write up after I’ve edited a couple of the Underworld/Blade shots 🙂

Mehmet has a Bodybuilding/Training DVD coming out in the near future and the shoot was  to work on some promotional images as well as some fitness shots to be used in his first magazine front cover coming up real soon.

Of course, when you’re working with someone with this kind of a physique you can’t just stop with the fitness shots which is why we also set about working on a few themes too…

For this session we ended up shooting two main themes; Blade/Underworld and a kind of Gladiator/Warrior. Here’s a screen grab from My Lightroom desktop to give you a quick look at the kind of images we came up with:

Over the next few days I’ll be working on some of these especially as I’ve just ordered the Quadrilogy DVD Box Set of Underworld for some inspiration; such a great series of movies 🙂

Oh one thing, in the setup shots you’ll see that I was using the TetherTools kit I mentioned about in an earlier post; I’ve got to say, if you shoot tethered…seriously take a look at getting hold of some of this stuff…makes life so much easier.

Also I was shooting tethered into Lightroom 4.1 which ran like it was on steroids…so fast and never skipped a beat. On the subject of Lightroom, up until very recently I tended to use it more as a way to organise my images than use it for any kind of retouching but things have certainly changed since Lightroom 4. My workflow has been revamped and if you’re coming along to my next studio workshop on the 21st July I’ll reveal all 🙂

Right, must dash…I’m off out to Oxford for a couple of hours on a ‘Props’ hunt in a few charity shops so I’ll bid you farewell and catch you tomorrow,

Enjoy 😉

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