Bodybuilder Promo: Sneak Peek

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: August 17, 2012

Category: Videos

Hi Folks,

Well at the moment I’m coming to you Live from a local coffee shop…well, hooked into the WiFi anyway seeing as the broadband issue Chez Dewis is currently kaput 🙁

So whilst I’m sat here supping on my ?th latte here’s a sneak peek at a recent project…

Yesterday I was back working with Natural Bodybuilder Nigel St Lewis who you may remember I photographed in the studio last year [Link]

Nigel is currently 4 weeks away from competing in the British Championships and so the reason we got together was to work on a short promotional video for his campaign.

Anyway here’s a preview to give you an idea of what we were up to:

One Year Ago
Here’s some of the studio shots from last year’s studio session with Nigel…
And here’s a composite shot originally taken in the studio during the same photo shoot where the wall and decaying flag has been added in afterwards; you can check out the larger version ‘Barbell‘ over on my 500px portfolio page [Link]
Right that’s all from me so whatever you’re doing this weekend, be sure to have a good one and I’ll catch you back here in a few days,

Glyn 🙂

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  1. Kevin Sharpe

    Another great blog from a true blogger, can’t post from home so goes out to do this, really appreciate your time & effort, have a great weekend, hope your connection gets sorted soon!

    • Glyn

      Cheers Kevin; DM’d you re the iris thing 😉

  2. David Kelly

    Methinks this broadband outage malarky is a ruse to cover up the fact that you can’t make a decent skinny latte at home and need an excuse to get out an buy one 😉

    Best of luck to Nigel in the competition



    • Glyn

      Ah…you got me 🙂

  3. Robert Gordon

    Great work as always Glyn. Question, where do you typically get your textures from?


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