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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: December 2, 2014

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Last Sunday, for reasons I can’t explain, I woke up with the urge to have a sort out…

After a few months of neglect the garage had become a little disorganised, my book shelf was bursting at the seams and drawers in the office were getting like the ‘bits n bobs’ drawer that everyone has in their kitchen.

Anyway, after a full day of sorting through boxes, several trips to the recycling depot and charity shops and finally putting everything into order, all was calm again. Actually on a serious note, it’s incredible how good it feels to do this once in a while…almost therapeutic 🙂

One of the boxes in the garage had all sorts of stuff in there from random cables to brochures I’d kept but also buried at the bottom were a number of loose CD’s. I’d not idea what was on them so loaded them in and was beaming from ear to ear to discover they were photographs I thought I’d lost when a hard drive had failed on me a few years back.

The photographs were ones I’d had taken the day after my last Bodybuilding Competition around 6 and a bit years ago…


These photographs were taken by a friend of mine who, at the time, had a small home studio in his loft space and were taken as a favour for a keep sake so that in years to come I could look back on them.

Seeing them made me think all sorts…

Bodybuilding for me felt like something I was meant to do. Getting up at 5am to do an hour of cardio, then work for the day and then go to the gym to train with weights, although gruelling, was effortless. It was something I just did because I knew that if I didn’t commit myself to it 100% then I wouldn’t get the physique I wanted. I knew that success if you like, was down to me and no one else and as I wasn’t going to be handed a physique then I had to work at it.

It may sound corny but this is how I’ve always viewed my Photography and Photoshop. Not picking my camera up each day or not doing something in Photoshop that would help me to progress, feels like it did when I couldn’t get to the gym. I find myself getting restless, chomping at the bit so will always find something to do. Thankfully it’s not often these days that I find myself going a day without having something to work on, and even if I did then I’d work on a personal project, and that’s something I’ve mentioned about before.


I guess if anything though, what I’m trying to explain here, but going about it a very long way, is that when you find something that you truly love doing and something that feels like you were meant to do it, then working hard comes easy.

When I first started in this Photography and Photoshop industry, I didn’t have a clue what it was I wanted to specialise in. I knew, because I’d been told so many times, that I had to specialise, but finding or knowing what was another thing. Like most people I guess, I tried everything and very soon I discovered what I didn’t like to do, which left me with a clearer idea of what I did/do like to do…and guess what…it involves physiques and sport. Sure I do a lot of other kinds of work but ultimately it’s working with physiques, sport, people who have drive and determination that fascinates me and are the areas I really love working in and feel natural to do so.

On a related note, a friend of mine Keith Hammond up until the past couple of years was a successful and well respected Wedding Photographer. Week in week out Keith would be photographing weddings and he was great at it as his images showed. Now I say ‘up until the past couple of years’ because Keith all of sudden announced he wasn’t doing weddings anymore but was going to go into photographing music/bands. I’ll admit that at first I thought he was making a mistake because I thought he loved photographing weddings but when I asked him about it, he told me that he’d always had liked music and felt drawn to it; it felt like it was something he was meant to do.

Well, long story short, Keith is now photographing well known bands publicity work for new albums, photographing concerts and gigs, loving his photography and couldn’t be happier!

Anyway I’ve no idea where all this came from but I just thought I’d share it with you.

Oh and re the Bodybuilding, I’m often asked if I miss it. In truth…absolutely! But…watch this space 🙂

Catch you later,

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