BOOK RECOMMENDATION: 3D Photoshop by Steve Caplin

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 3, 2014

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Hey Everyone,

Just a quick post today before we head into the first weekend of 2014…

I always have been and always will be an avid book buyer when it comes to Photoshop. In fact I always say when I give talks that a quick way to make money would be to write a book about anything, literally anything but put the word ‘Photoshop‘ in the title and I’ll buy it; well…not quite but you get my meaning right 🙂

You never do and never should stop learning, which is why I’ve always made a point of doing Personal Projects (something I’ve talked about many times before) but I also study and play with Photoshop each and every day outside of any official pictures. I’ll set aside time each day when I’ll experiment with something, practice a technique etc to keep me in the learning mode. Sure I don’t always manage as much time as I’d like (unless I’ve been on the Red Bull) because ‘life‘ happens, however I will always manage something…even 5 minutes is better than nothing.

So on the subject of learning, which is darned exciting when it’s with something you love and enjoy doing, I have a book to recommend; 3D Photoshop by Steve Caplin…

Being around the Photoshop scene, Steve Caplin is a name you will almost certainly have heard. If not for his Best Selling series of books “How to Cheat in Photoshop” then certainly for his Photo Montages and Illustrations that grace magazines and very well known newspapers.

I have learned (and continue to) so much from Steve. I have a hard copy of every book on Photoshop that he’s released and each one has post it notes, the corners turned down and highlighter pen throughout so when he told me that he’d written a new book on 3D in Photoshop it was a done deal! Well if I’m honest Steve was kind enough to give me a copy when we were both teaching at Photo Live in London last year but between you and me it was on the shopping list anyway 🙂

3D is an area I’m toying with more and more and having seen what Steve is doing with it and having recently lectured with my Buddy Uli Staiger at his recent Cinema 4D event for Train to Create, it’s an area I’m extremely excited about; the possibilities are quite literally limitless! As Zorana Gee, Adobe Photoshop Senior Product Manager writes in the foreward “PHOTOSHOP IS THE ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND”… and now with 3D becoming much more accessible that Playground is becoming even more exciting 🙂

3D does carry with it this label of being incredibly challenging to master however thanks to Steve within just a couple of pages you’ll find yourself smiling and wanting to know more. He has a great way of not only explaining what to do, but also why AND makes it fun!


Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you back here in a few days.

•Check out Photoshop 3D on Amazon

•Paperback £29.24 [Link]
•Kindle £21.93 [Link]

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  1. Ron Kirkwood

    Let me just say thank you. I follow you on all the social media and read your blog daily. You inspire not only me but thousands of others. It might be overused but you are the “real deal”. I have come to your lectures at Photoshop World these past two years and you exude an enthusiasm for you art and show by your behavior a desire to teach others. I started in photography years ago when everyone was very protective of how they accomplished their finished images. I so much enjoy this digital age of photography wher it seems most are willing to help others improve. You are certainly one. I pray that you and your family have a very successful and rewarding New Year. I very much look forward to seeing you again in Atlanta and shake your hand.

  2. Steve Healy

    I treated myself to this book for Christmas. A great resource for learning 3D in Photoshop. Looking forward to your “take” on the subject in your amazing images. Best wishes for the coming year.


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