Book Review: “Going Pro” by Scott Bourne and Skip Cohen

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: November 16, 2011

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“You can be an average Photographer who’s great at Marketing and Business and make a fortune but on the other hand you can be a fantastic Photographer who’s poor at Marketing and Business, and make very little” ~ Anon

This quote has always stuck in my head  which is the reason why I’m always looking for more ways to promote what I do and get my work out in the open and as a consequence attract more clients. However, as we all know this is easier said than done especially in todays’ environment where Photography is so much more accessible and it seems that every man and his dog is setting themselves up as Photographers.

Getting the business side of being a Photographer right is vitally important; just ask UK based Commercial Photographer Tim Wallace and he’ll likely tell you why…in fact check out his Business Seminars which are sold out time, after time after time. The thing is there are so many great books that teach Photography and Retouching techniques but what about the Business side of things?

Questions like How do we market ourselves? How do we define our niche? How can we best use Social Media to promote our Business? How do we work with clients? … can leave us feeling frustrated to say the least; if only there was something or someone to help steer us in the right direction!

Help is here!!!
Going Pro: How to make the leap from Aspiring to Professional Photographer is a new book by Professional Photographers Scott Bourne and Skip Cohen

Photographers, Authors and Bloggers with an incredible 7 decades of experience in the industry Scott Bourne and Skip Cohen have teamed up to produce what is in my opinion a must have book for anyone serious about building their Photography Business.

No one ever said Business was easy and a Photography Business is certainly no exception but Going Pro which is made up of some 11 Chapters is packed with information on how you can turn your business around and  make things happen:

  • Chapter 1: Define you Niche
  • Chapter 2: Be the Best Photographer you can be
  • Chapter 3: Test the Water and show your Work
  • Chapter 4: Marketing
  • Chapter 5: Social Media Marketing for Photographers
  • Chapter 6: Use Twitter to Grow your Photo Business
  • Chapter 7: Blogging: Your Online Presence
  • Chapter 8: The World of Search
  • Chapter 9: Old-Fashioned Networking
  • Chapter 10: Expand Your Business
  • Chapter 11: Outsourcing

Since having the book each chapter has at some point gotten me saying “Ah, now that’s a good idea!” more than once; especially the chapters on Marketing and Old Fashioned Networking. We live in an world where Social Media is all around us and vitally important to be a part of if you’re in business but that doesn’t mean to say we should rely on it…nothing beats face to face contact or as Scott and Skip call it ‘Old Fashioned Networking’. So as well as going into how you can make the most effective use of Social Media, the book also covers ways to get ‘face-to-face’ with your potential clients and how to show and talk about what it is you do.

As well as all the experience and expertise that Scott and Skip share from their years in the industry, they’ve also called upon other well known successful Photographers to add their own input on best business practices; photographers such as Jeremy Cowart, Chase Jarvis, David Ziser, Vincent Laforet and so on, and who also adorn pages of the book with their own imagery making it a great addition to the coffee table too 🙂

Going Pro is all about having dreams and vision, along with the patience and determination to stay focused on a plan

Going Pro: How to make the leap from Aspiring to Professional Photographer tells it as it is; to put it plainly there’s no waffle…the book goes straight into each subject telling you what you need to know and how you need to do it with a logical, step by step approach.

All the information on how to build a successful Photography Business is contained within the pages…the next step is Action!

Highly Recommended

Paperback: 256 pages
Publisher: Amphoto; Original edition (7 Dec 2011)
Language English
ISBN-10: 0817435794
ISBN-13: 978-0817435790

Price: £18.69 on Amazon [Link]

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  1. Steve Porter

    Hi Glyn, i hope you and anne are both well, i bought visionmongers after you reviewed it and it was full of useful info so gonna put this one on my christmas list 🙂

  2. Todor

    I stumbled across these two a couple of years back when looking for podcasts on iTunes. Some fantastic advice and guidance on building a succesful photography business.


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