Book Review: “iPad 2: Fully Loaded” by Alan Hess (@shotlivephoto)

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: July 18, 2011

Category: General

When the iPad first came out I resisted for what seemed like a lifetime, intent on holding off until the 2nd Generation was released. Well, needless to say with ‘encouragement‘ from friends and colleagues, resistance was futile and I eventually caved in and purchased an iPad 32Gb with WiFi and 3G.

If I’m honest, at first I was a little disappointed because you see I was expecting a WOW moment but didn’t really get it. Sure, the screen was amazing for viewing photographs on but everything else seemed pretty much like, well…using a big iPhone really, however…

Alan Hess’ first book on the iPad, “iPad: Fully Loaded” was a complete eye opener on what the iPad was capable of and how it could be used to it’s fullest. The first book I’ve read from cover to cover in one sitting, in no time at all I was installing Apps (most of them FREE) that Alan recommended, converting my DVD’s to watch on the iPad and so much more; now I was getting the WOW moment I’d expected!

So as you can imagine, when I heard that Alan had written a follow up book coinciding with the release of the iPad 2, it was a no brainer that a copy would be taking it’s place on my bookshelf…well, my iBook Library anyway 🙂

The “iPad 2: Fully Loaded” is a book that kind of carries on from where the first book finished off. As you’d expect, the first couple of chapters or so cover the basics such as setting up your iPad, email, surfing the web and so on but then after that there’s so much more to discover…


  • Chapter 1: Operating System and File Types
  • Chapter 2: iTunes
  • Chapter 3: Photography
  • Chapter 4: Video


  • Chapter 5: Electronic Reader
  • Chapter 6: Movies, Television and Music
  • Chapter 7: Magazines and News
This new book by Alan Hess is packed to the rafters with 288 pages of recommended Apps (again, most of which are FREE), hints, tips and techniques to help you get the most out of your iPad. You see the iPad is one of those gadgets that at first you’ll maybe think ‘Why would I need one?’ and that’s only natural, but it’s not until you actually get your hands on one and really start to put it to work for you that you realise how darned useful they actually are.
  • Chapter 8: E-mail
  • Chapter 9: The Web
  • Chapter 10: Social Media
  • Chapter 11: Web Browsing
  • Chapter 12: Office Apps
  • Chapter 13: Notes and Lists
  • Chapter 14: Remote Desktop

Like I said in my first review [Link], in the previous book there was one section in particular that had it only contained that information I would have brought the book anyway, and that section was Movies. Well in this new book Alan’s done it again by covering Remote Desktop; let me explain…

Imagine being able to view your computer screen as it is on your iPad, and not only that being able to open programs, access your hard drive/s and so on…basically remotely control your computer…pretty cool huh? Well, that’s exactly what you can do and Alan covers this in great detail but more to the point shows how incredibly easy it is to do. I use this function alot for all kinds of things such as accessing files when I’m not in front of my computer to on occasion sorting something out for my wife on her computer, again when I’m not actually there!


  • Chapter 15: Travel
  • Chapter 16: Hobbies
  • Chapter 17: Sports
  • Chapter 18: Education
IMPORTANT: One real important thing to note about this new book is that despite the title ‘”iPad 2: Fully Loaded” it isn’t specifically for the iPad 2. Sure there are sections in there covering what you can do with the iPad 2’s built in camera and video but that’s where it ends..absolutely everything else is also relevant to the iPad 1.

To put it bluntly…”If you have an iPad and you seriously want to get the most out of it and see exactly how useful and how much fun they can be, then get this book!” In fact, I’ll go one further and say “Get both books!”… iPad: Fully Loaded [Link] and iPad 2: Fully Loaded [Link] because both have sections you’re just not going to want to miss out on!

Highly Recommended!

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For your chance to win a free copy of this ‘must have’ book for iPad owners all you have to do is paste all the following line in red as a status update on Twitter:

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(Closing date is Saturday 23rd July 2011, and the winner will be randomly picked from all the ‘Tweets’ on Sunday 24th July … Good luck!)

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iPad 2: Fully Loaded (Alan Hess)
ISBN-10: 1118093194
ISBN-13: 978-1118093191
Currently priced at £14.44 with Amazon UK

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  1. DaveT

    Heck, and I thought it was just me who had been holding back form getting an Ipad.

    Having read a few reviews recently where a photographer was using one in Morrocco, getting internet via a locally purchased sim card, using GPS and via an App scouting sunrise and sunset times for specific locations for his landscape work – I began to see the potential for much wider use. Now this book sounds as though it will give me even more reason to take the plunge.

    But then I read the rumours about Ipad3 being just around the corner (September?) with the potential of eye retina display and some other useful updates. Mmmh – what to do?

    Shame about the twitter draw – I’m not on it 🙁


  2. joanne

    I am trying to decide if I should buy an apple laptop or an iPad. I will be using it to
    give powerpoint presentations to educators. Is it possible to do this with an iPad?
    Are there proper cables to attach to a projector? Can I just email my powerpoint to myself and then open it on the iPad to present in a large classroom setting to 100 people? Can I show downloaded videos on the projector using the iPad. Are you able to prepare powerpoints on the iPad?? I welcome your advice.



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