Book Review: The Digital Photography Book Part 4 by Scott Kelby (@scottkelby)

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 13, 2012

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Hi Folks,
I thought for today I’d post a quick review of a great new addition to my virtual bookcase: The Digital Photography Book Part 4 by Scott Kelby.

Following on from the three 3 previous books in this series initial thoughts are that Part 4 has stepped up a gear when it comes to content and skill level.

What do I mean?
I guess the best way to describe what I mean here would be to say that this new book builds on the previous 3 by assuming that by you, the reader, know a thing or two about photography at this stage and now you want to push things and start learning more advanced skills and techniques. Well if that’s what you’re looking for then you won’t be disappointed as Part 4’s 240 pages are packed full of hints, tips & techniques not previously covered and again written in such a way as if the author (Scott Kelby) is there by your side helping you on the shoot to get great results and fast! “Use these settings, try using this lens, shoot from here and so on…”

Ok so if you have the previous 3 books in the series should you get this one? Absolutely! This is a whole new book: new images, new tips and new techniques that will definitely increase your knowledge and once you get out and put what you read into practice you’ll be adding heaps more to your growing skill base.

Chapter 1: Shooting People Like a Pro
Chapter 2: Using Hot Shoe Flash Like a Pro, Part 3 (Picking up where the last book left off)
Chapter 3: More Tips on Using Your Studio Like a Pro (In volume 3 we took it up a notch. Now, let’s do it again!
Chapter 4: More Tips on Lenses (Going way beyond which Lens to use)
Chapter 5: Pro Tips for Shooting in Natural Light (How to take advantage of the most beautiful light on earth)
Chapter 6: Shooting Landscape Photos Like a Pro (Yet even more tips for creating stunning scenic images)
Chapter 7: Pro Tips for Shooting Travel Photos (How to come back with images you’re really proud of)
Chapter 8: Shooting Sports Like a Pro (How to get professional results form your next sports shoot)

Chapter 9: Shooting HDR Like a Pro (How to shoot and process HDR images)
Chapter 10: Pro Tips for Shooting DSLR Video (How to get the most out of your built-in video capabilities)

Chapter 11: Pro Tips for Getting Better Photos (More tricks of the trade for making your shots look better)
Chapter 12: Yet Even More Photo Recipes to Help You “Get the Shot”

What I particularly like about this book is that it doesn’t focus on one particular style of photography. I consider myself pretty competent in what I do but I’m always on the hunt to learn more and more but that’s generally to improve what I already do. However, each area of photography requires different skills so for example Chapter 7: Pro Tips for Shooting Travel Photos, would have been enough for me to part with my cash because of what I’ve picked up from it already and that will come in handy when away on holiday. In addition to that though Chapter 9: Pro Tips for Shooting DSLR Video made it an no brainer. This year I’m putting more video out there so the hints, tips and techniques here too will prove invaluable!

This book most definitely is for everyone regardless of skill level. If you’re just starting out then it would make sense to have worked through the previous 3 books in the series as Part 4 will continue you on that learning curve. This book isn’t just for newbies and it’s not just for seasoned photographers…it’s a book for anyone and everyone regardless of skill level that is always looking to learn and improve.

The way I see it, this book will teach you a heck of alot not just because it’s Scott Kelby that’s written it, but it’s because of where the tips, tricks, hint and techniques originate from ie Scott Kelby and all the incredible photographers he too has learned from over the years and continues to do so: Joe McNally, Moose Peterson, Cliff Mautner, Frank Doorhoff and Jay Maisel to name but a few!

Highly Recommended!

The Digital Photography Book Part 4
Amazon UK Price (Paperback): £12.74
Amazon Kindle: £9.95

240 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-0321773029

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