Lone Tree and my Bully Story

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 5, 2021

Category: Photography


Spending time in the local wood this morning to take some photographs, I was drawn to an area where this little tree was amongst the much larger pine trees towering above it. On a summers day the scene would have have felt different, but this morning with the mist, it felt kind of sinister, like the small tree was being bullied.

I hate bullies. When I was much younger in middle school there was an older, much bigger boy called Smudge who used me as his target.

Years later I was back in my home town entering a Bodybuilding Competition. The week before the competiton I stayed at my Mom’s and trained at the local gym. I’d changed quite a bit since middle school. Now I was a lot bigger from training and was just under 19st (266lbs). One afternoon I was in the gym training when in walked Smudge. Hadn’t changed much. Just looked older.  Clearly didn’t know who I was and asked me to help him on the bench press. “No problem mate”

He lay on the bench and took hold of the bar. I lifted the bar off the racks and supported it before letting go for him to press. Before letting go I couldn’t help myself…”Smudge…you don’t remember me do you? … I’m Glyn Dewis. You used to bully me at school”. At which point I let go and walked away leaving him to fend for himself.

Damn it felt good!

Oh and I went on to win the Competition. Good times!

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