Burning the midnight oil …

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: June 29, 2008

Category: General

Well as sit here typing away, it’s currently 0050 am, and I’ve still got some sorting out of my kit to do, ready for tomorrow’s photography job.

Had a great day today .. busy, but great. Started off with a portrait photography shoot next door, at my neighbours and good friends, Steve & Edwina. Steve’s mother, Mary had organised for the whole family to get together and wanted some photographs to remember the day because as I’m sure we can appreciate, it’s quite a challenge getting everyone together in one place. All in all, I think there were fourteen people in total, and I guess we spent just under one hour together … which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve got a little editing to get on with now, but I’ve attached a couple of shots I took of Steve & Edwina’s daughter, Phoebe (I promised I would) for you to see.

Straight afterwards, my good friend Mark and I went went over to see James & Catherine Simpkin, whose Wedding we photographed a few weeks back to show them their photographs. In short, I couldn’t have wished for a better reaction; so, James & Catherine … thankyou x

Anyway, must dash … just a couple of hours sleep would be nice before the early start in the morning.

Bye for now.

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