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Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: November 20, 2012

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Hey Folks,

How’s it going?

Today I want to let you know about a full retouching tutorial I’ve put together.

The tutorial appears in the latest issue of Photoshop User Magazine; produced by the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (N.A.P.P.) and in it I go through each and every retouching step that went into my Cabaret picture of model Jessica Gutzeit from when I was in Germany with my buddy Calvin Hollywood earlier this year.

Now, normally when I go into a photo I have a good idea as to what I want the final picture to look like way before I’ve even started.

However it was different with this shot because it was taken at the very end of a photo shoot and once I’d shot what I’d set out to and was taken just before packing up so it was more of a ‘lets just try this‘ … do you know what I mean?

As it turns out though it ended up being one of my favourite images from the photo shoot and was the only image I ended up using from this particular set:

Here’s how the Before image and After images compare…

You can seen from the the Before shot how it was taken as a bit of a rush as the lighting is under exposed; however it goes to show the power of shooting in RAW and how you can bring out detail later during post production:

I’m a big believer that the real skill in Photoshop is not in learning lots and lots of cool techniques, but is  knowing when to use them.

You see there’s so much that could have been done to this image…adding in new backgrounds and all kinds of special effects, but just bringing out detail, dodging and burning, a lighting effect and minor colour change taking around 20 minutes was all that I ended up doing.

Incidentally Jessie will be one of our models at the High5 Workshops in Germany during January 2013; you can check our more details here [Link]

Right that’s all from me for today so have a good one and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow,

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  1. lee archer

    Ive noticed a few times you underexpose alot, but it helps with the effects and the dodge and burn too. great tips.

    • Glyn

      The underexposing here was purely a mistake Lee as I was kind of in the ‘finished’ mindset. Didn’t think the shot would be used but goes to show it’s amazing how much detail you can recover huh 🙂

  2. jack

    Could you write down the info of the shot please (iso, focal lenght, time etc.)?

  3. Dan H

    Glyn, I’m your greatest fan. Love the webcast, not sure about the glasses though.


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