Calling all UK Photogs and Photoshoppers: A message from @NAPPMEMBER_UK

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: September 15, 2011

Category: General

Hi Folks,
I’m handing over the blog today to my great friend and N.A.P.P. UK Evangelist Dave Clayton who’s got something super cool to tell you about in a way that only he can; over to you Dave 🙂

•     •     •

Last year I attended my first ever Photoshop World in Las Vegas. That may not seem such an amazing thing but to me it was. And on that trip I learnt a lot about what Photoshop World is….to me.

All my reasons and history behind my visit is at (and the old NAPPMEMBER site) and also on so I’ll cut straight to why I have set up to encourage more UK and Europeans to make their first PSW visit or even return.

Myself and Glyn would loved to have been to PSW this year but (financial reasons on my part) we decided to target East Coast 2012 as our next visit. But then we thought, why only us?

Why not others? There is such a great UK community of Photoshop users and photographers who are NAPP members or considering it that we felt that everyone should try to at least go to one PSW. We assumed Orlando but Scott gave us a heads up that Washington DC was the location – having never been to DC, I was even more excited by this.

So this plan needed coordination – and was born – NAPP365 becoming quite apt on our part – more on that at the end…

The plan of NAPP365 is this – I will put on as much info as I can to help you plan your own trip, flight checkers, hotel details, tourist info etc. there will be testimonials and stories from people who have been and stories from people who are going and why they want to go. It isn’t cheap, I won’t brush that under the carpet. You have flight, PSW registration and hotel expenses to consider but I will find as much info as I can to do your own PHOTOSHOP WORLD CHEAP SHOTS 🙂 (thanks Larry Becker)

It ISN’T a site where myself or Glyn will be organising everything – it’s for you to get the best prices and info to help you make the leap of faith and invest in the best training and network you’ll get – for both Photoshop (and lightroom) Users and Photographers. You’ll need to book your own flights, hotels and any pre-cons or extra events – I highly recommend you save hard to play hard !! That may sound harsh but I don’t have the time as a father of 4 with a full time job to get that involved, I have my own agenda and plans for Photoshop World but as NAPP Evangelist it is my responsibility to help you decide and give you the encouragement to get you there with as much information as I can get. I’m hoping to try and get some special UK only offers for those who want to come – details, if and when available, on the site.

We will have a couple of ‘UK Meetups’ over there but I want everyone to plan their own trip within their own budget, make their own experiences and find new friends – make it YOUR Photoshop World experience. (There might also be some UK merchandise for us – details to follow later in the year)

Myself and Glyn will answer as many questions as we can or contact NAPP to get any info you can’t find – please check all the details on the site, it will be updated regularly and I will give alerts on any special offer on registration, flights, hotels and events happening during Photoshop Week.

Oh, and why NAPP365 ? One year ago I briefly met Scott Kelby and then sat at the Keynote wide eyed and excited, which started my ride. One year on and totally unexpected, Scott walks out on stage in Las Vegas for the Photshop World 2011 Keynote speech and says hello to myself and Glyn; Live streaming to the world…Gulp! If only he knew what that meant to both of us and the friendship we have. That was my reward for doing what I love doing as a NAPP member…

Humbled, Appreciated and Excited!!!

So join us on MISSION:PSW 2012 to Washington DC and make your own ‘NAPP 365’ experience and who knows where it will take you !

“You know you want to” ;o)


•     •     •

NAPP365 [Link]

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  1. Mike

    Nice post and great idea guys. Anything that can help save money is always a good thing in my books.

    Oh and did you guys buy Scott anything for getting that keynote mention?? ;-))))

    • Glyn

      Absolutely Mike…If we can find ways to get more folks over to experience what Photoshop World is and what it can do for you, then that would be fantastic! So are you gonna come? You know you want to 🙂

  2. SC

    A first time trip to PSW has been on my agenda for a while now, just a matter of timing. Like what you’ve setup and look forward to seeing the info. Never know, next year could be the year. Cheers

  3. Dave Clayton

    If anyone is considering it then really look into the benefits. It’ll take up to 5 days vacation time and you’ll need to budget about £1000 (flight + registration + hotel)- more if you can afford it. You won’t regret spending a penny of it, trust me !!

    Any questions then fire them over to

  4. Jim Patterson

    Hey guys, Jim Patterson here from Phoenix. I guess I take it for granted because I go to Las Vegas for PSW every year. But it’s six hours away by car! A bit different if you are in another continent. Good to see you folks so enthused about PSW and photography. By the way, PSW is WORTH IT. Totally. If you do it right, after three days your head should be exploding from the classes, shooting, and events. That’s even if you never leave the hotel. I’ll be back in London summer 2012 to teach a class at one of your universities!

    • Glyn

      Hi Jim, thanks for dropping by and commenting. Totally agree with you about PSW…both Dave and myself have been fortunate enough to go and this time round we want a return trip but to get a few others over to experience it as well; has to be done huh 🙂

      Maybe see you in 2012,

  5. Ana

    Hi Glyn,
    PSW Vegas last week was my 4th PSW, but the first I really made lots of friends and connected with some Twitter peeps – feels great to be part of that group ! I also went to my first Tweetup which happened there the eve before the conference started, had lots of fun. I was going to suggest you, if you let me, to have a Tweetup sometime before PSW DC, so you all can share the anticipation thrill and possibly help each other find better deals, good hotels, etc. I hope to meet you there!

    • Glyn

      Hi Ana,
      Thanks for the Tweet Up idea…loving that 🙂 Can’t wait for PSW 2012..Dave and myself are like two children waiting or Christmas 🙂

  6. Kevin Halliburton

    Great idea guys! I’m in the states but I’m planning my first trip to PSW in DC as well and I’m really looking forward to meeting the lot of you. I’m dragging the whole family along on the premise that it’s a great opportunity for a home school field trip for our two boys. It will be the first time any of us have been to DC. I’ll be spying on your site from across the pond to see if you guys come up with any bargains we’ve missed!

  7. Rick Wenner

    It’s been a while since I last posted here on your blog Glyn but I figured that this is something I can definitely talk to. I have been to Photoshop World 5 times now. Every single year that I went I learned a TON and met a lot of great people. It is one of the best conferences that I have been to. I honestly think that if you are able to afford coming over here to the US, that you will not regret the decision one bit. I’m not too far from Washington D.C. (NYC), so I am hoping to make it to PSW one more time. It’d be great to catch up with you there Glyn, meet you Dave, and also meet the U.K. entourage that accompanies you!


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