Calvin Hollywood in the UK: Update and Workshop B.T.S.

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: September 7, 2011

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Hi Folks,
As you’ll no doubt know, last week Calvin Hollywood was here in the UK delivering his incredible workshop to a bunch of attendees; some of whom had travelled from Gibraltar and as far away as New York to be there…

Just to backtrack for a moment and update you on an earlier post about the ‘experience’ with the Holiday Inn Hotel, Winnersh which is where Calvin and his Assistant Gabor were staying during their time here…

We’ve now received an email from the Mr Big, The Boss, The Head Honcho the El Capitan of Holiday Inn Worldwide, who saw the video we made [Link] and well, Calvin has been promised a full refund on the 3rd room. An invoice has been sent and the refund has been actioned but we’ll be keeping the Champagne on ice until the money shows up as I’m sure you’ll understand if you’re aware of the full story. Anyway, for now, in addition to what Calvin has written on his blog [Link] I just want to thank all of you who ‘retweeted’ the messages we posted on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and of course for forwarding the link to the video…which has received quite a few views 🙂

If you haven’t read the full story or seen the video, you can check it out here [Link]

Anyway, moving on…

We had such a great time over the 4 days with the workshop, going out for meals, drinks, bowling and generally hanging out. Calvin and his Assistant Gabor are such great company and it’s fair to say we really hit it off plus it was a real bonus that my good friend Dave Clayton came along to meet up on the first day of the Workshop and when he’s around, well…you just know you’re going to have a laugh 🙂

Calvin came to the UK following a conversation we’d had on Skype and in the months leading up to it we sorted out everything that was needed such as the studio, models, hotel accommodation and catering with help from my Buddy Gareth Davies who owns and runs the studio [Link] ; which incidentally is where I do all my studio work and run my own workshops.

The Workshop
Needless to say, Calvin’s Workshop was incredible!

The workshop itself is split over 2 days where on the 1st day Calvin spends the time to go through his photography style: talking through settings, equipment, posing models and the exact lighting styles he uses to create his images. Everything is covered in detail with lots of time given to the attendees to take their own photos so that everyone understands exactly what is being done and why; it’s very much a ‘hands on’ workshop rather than a ‘watch me’ workshop. It’s the images taken on this first day that Calvin edits during day 2..

Day 2 was, how can I put this? … Mind-Blowing!

Calvin methodically went through images that he’s selected to edit from his own, shot the day before, and covered the techniques that have made him so in demand the World over.

Every attendee had bought along their own laptops so were able to follow each and every step with Calvin coming round checking that they understand what was happening and that they achieved the results which was then followed by a series of “Ooohhhh’s” and “Aaaahhhh’s” 🙂

I could go on and on about how good the Workshop is but then you only have to see how in demand Calvin is to realise it, and seriously, if you get the chance to go along to one then take it…it’s that good!

Big thanks goes to our models for the day, Caroline and Steve; both of whom did a wonderful job as always and jumped at the opportunity to model for Calvin; their professionalism, patience and fun attitude went a long way into making the workshop a success!

Check out Calvin’s English Blog
Calvin has written an account of the Workshop over on his English blog which you can check out by clicking on the image below or just by clicking here [Link] and whilst you’re at it, be sure to add it to your RSS and keep up to date with what Calvin is up to…

Hollywood Uncut
Couldn’t resist including the latest episode of Calvin’s B.T.S. (Behind the Scenes) video series “Hollywood Uncut” which also shows some footage from the Workshop; mind you I think the presenter needs a bit of practice 🙂

Gabor Uncut
And here too is the first episode of Gabor Uncut…

Get Calvinized Workshop
In January 2012 Calvin is running a 3 day workshop in English at his own Studio in Germany covering Photography, Retouching and Marketing.

You can find out more details over on Calvin’s blog or by clicking here [Link]

Hope to see you there 🙂

Right, I’m off for some much needed bowling practice as a Re-Match is definitely called for in January,
Enjoy 🙂

>Oh just one thing…If you were wondering why I’m dressed in a suit in one of the pictures it’s because of a little something Dave Clayton and myself have planned in preparation for Photoshop World 2012; all will be revealed soon enough 🙂

• • •

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  1. Brian Worley

    Looks like it was an excellent event Glyn. Images from the projector look good

    I’m intrigued by the suit comment for PSW 2012, but I had thought that pictures of you in it seemed a little ‘out of character’ 🙂

    • Glyn

      @Brian…T’was a ‘Freaky’ day 🙂



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