Calvinized: Laughing and Learning Loads!!!

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 14, 2012

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Hey Folks,
Well I’ve been over in Germany for just a few days now and already my jaw is aching from laughing so much and my brain is about to explode from all of Calvin’s incredible teaching. I just couldn’t have wished for a better time than what I’m having now and to be spending it with such a great bunch of people from all over the world…

As someone who teaches Photography and Photoshop I’m really conscious that the teaching has to be informative, easy to understand, exciting and fun and this Calvin has completely nailed!!!

Never have I had so much fun and learned so much, and in such a short space of time with a couple more days of the workshop still to come. It’s so clear to see why Calvin is one of the very best instructors in the world but not forgetting the wonderful people that go to make up his team…my great friend Gabor Richter Calvin’s personal assistant and also Michael Mueller (far right in the black jacket) who until now I hadn’t actually met but we’ve just hit it off from the word ‘go’ and get on so well. Incidentally in March when we’re all at Photoshop World it’ll be Michael who’s coming out with Calvin so if you’re there be sure to say hi and have a chat…great guy and great photographer with an insane amount of knowledge in Lightroom!

Anyway getting back to the workshop, which by the way is the first english speaking workshop Calvin has ever done in Germany, on day 1 we went over to a large studio over in Weinheim to photograph our wonderful models for the day Jessi and Quasher in a number of set ups with a view to retouching the images on day 2. Calvin left no stone unturned as he explained every single step, tips, techniques and more. It’s always great to see how other people work and especially for me seeing how Calvin get’s the most from the models with the final retouched image firmly in mind before he’s even began shooting. The day was incredibly well planned with every step running like clock work and with every single person having more than enough time to get the shots they wanted and more.

After a ‘full on’ packed day we all then made our way back and everyone met up later in the evening for a meal and drinks; a superb evening with lots of laughs especially when Maciej Blaszczuk introduced us to an iPhone App called OldBooth+ ; oh my god…so much fun which resulted in a table full of adults laughing like a bunch of naughty school children…brilliant!!!  🙂

Now I’m sure Gabor has plans for all the photos Maciej has made with the iPhone app so I’ll hold off posting the others but these should give you an idea of what they’re like; scary thing is I think I do actually have photos like this hidden away somewhere from when I did have hair…I mean more hair 🙂

Day 2 of the workshop saw us all at Calvin’s studio editing some of the images from the previous day and you know, it doesn’t mattter how much you think you know there’s always so much more to learn. It reminds me of when I used to compete at Bodybuilding in that no matter how much I improved always to remain humble to accept that there was always someone bigger & stronger. Now I don’t say this as a negative, far from it, but rather as a motivator to learn and continue to learn more and more to improve skills.

So again another fantastic day seeing how Calvin uses Photoshop in his way to achieve his look and ofcourse laughing loads with much more to come and with such great friends!

Right, I’m off to try and decipher my mountain of notes from earlier and get ready for tomorrow’s session on business so I’ll catch you later,
Enjoy 🙂

•     •     •

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  1. Maciej

    I am so glad to be at this workshop. Apart from knowledge that Calvin is sharing and loads of laughs we have with OldBooth, I am so glad that we can exchange views, that especially you are always open to answer my questions, share ‘how to’ things. Also all the participants are great people and always open to discuss and share what they have learned etc…
    Whaaaaasup to all!
    Thanks Glyn and lookng forward to day 3

    • Glyn

      @Maciej…Absolutely mate; a great bunch of people and Calvin and his team have created such a superb environment for learning. Bring on Day 3 🙂

  2. Michael Mueller

    An awesome blog post … Thank you so much for the nice words! I’m really looking forward to day three of this workshop … ;o)

    Greetz, Michael …

    • Glyn

      @Michael…You are so very welcome my friend 😉

  3. David Kelly

    Sounds like you’re having a cracking time mate. Love that BoothPlus image on the right – suits you! You’re sure that wasn’t from your college yearbook from the 1970s 😉

  4. Ziggy

    Dustin Hoffman, or Francis Rossi. I think you look better as Herr Hoffman.



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