New Camera Club Presentation Dates

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 24, 2020

Category: Events

This whole lockdown thing has been with us for some time now and if I’m honest, even when it comes to the time that it’s all done I think I’ll be continuing with some of the ways we’ve lived during this time. Can’t remember the last time we went to a supermarket having done all of our shopping through a combination of either local independant shops and online. I certainly don’t think I’ll be rushing back to be amongst large crowds for the remainder of 2020 that’s for sure.

Anyway all that aside I wanted to let you know that I have now released new dates (going up to the end of 2020) for when I’m available for Camera Club Presentations.

I’ve throughly enjoyed doing these presentations online using Zoom over the last few weeks and the feedback has been great. Of course nothing beats actually being there but it’s surprising how up close and personal the online presentations feel especially when you can see and hear reactions. It also means we’re not limited by distance as I’ve done presentations to groups across Europe, the USA and Australia so far.

Here’s a link to the Camera Club page and Calendar on my website: LINK

You can check and secure dates direct from my website and you’ll also see the title, description and fee so that you know exactly what’s what. Also on confirming you’ll receive a unique Zoom Meeting Link.

Take care out there
Be Well

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