Online Camera Club Presentations: Lockdown doesn’t have to mean Shutdown!

Ordinarily if you’re a member of a camera club you’d be going to your weekly get togethers but with lockdown that’s not possible. With restrictions starting to ease, the popularity and effectiveness of ‘online’ camera club presentations from the past few weeks is most definitely looking like a great addition to the camera club diary.

From having presented at camera clubs over the past few years I know all to well that the meetings are so much more than that. It’s a chance to keep in touch, learn new stuff, get inspired, make friends and so on. Keeping in touch, keeping the mind active and keeping the excitement going is more important now than ever before so if we can still have this in some form or another that can only be a good thing.

As two of the 71 members of Malahide CC who tuned in to your presentation last Thursday, my wife, Breda and I just want to say how much we enjoyed it. Your knowledge, expertise, experience and enthusiasm were evident throughout and presented in such a friendly, modest and down-to earth manner, without embellishments. Also evident was the consideration and respect you have for everyone you photograph. A great number of members expressed their enjoyment on our private Facebook page afterwards also.
Peter Barriscale


If you’re a member of a Camera Club and would like to book an online presentation using Zoom to your group like this for a couple of hours or so, simply check my availability and book it in using the calendar.

Please note that my fee for an ‘online’ camera club presentation is £100 and is required at time of booking to confirm.


Looking forward to ‘meeting’ you all,


*Also just so you know that if the calendar says ‘No times in…‘ it means that dates in that particular month have all been booked.