Adobe Camera RAW Filter for EVERYONE!!!

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 7, 2018

Category: General | Retouching

Since releasing my ROSA (Cover Shoot) tutorial I’ve had a couple of emails from folks asking if there is a workaround  to make use of the Camera RAW Filter to do the lighting effects that I go through, because they are using older versions of Photoshop and don’t have that function.

So, I put together this short video going through exactly that. Now there are quite a few steps involved however at the end of the video I show how you can speed the process up by creating an Action and using a keyboard shortcut in Photoshop.

Hope you find it useful,


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  1. Craig

    Such a useful walk-a round for those without the latest PS CC.
    Love the addition of the action.

    Something slightly off topic….
    The LUTS that you use are they basically the same for all your images Glyn?
    I.e. the same type of LUTS but with different opacity?

    • Glyn

      For the look I want I tend to start out with the same then I start to add in others and few Adjustment Layers depending on what I want for the actual picture mate.

  2. Craig

    Thanks Glyn 🙂


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