Can you help??? Dynamic Duo Workshop ‘On the Road’

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: January 9, 2013

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Hi Folks,

What’s happening?

Thanks again for stopping by.

Today I’ve a new date to announce for my next Dynamic Duo (Photography & Photoshop) workshop PLUS I have something to ask you…

Dynamic Duo Workshop: Saturday 11th May 2013
As the very first in this new series of workshops has already sold out, I’ve just added another date in the diary for the next Dynamic Duo Workshop.

For more details about the workshop including where to buy tickets click on this [link]

Can you help?
Ok so this year it’s looking like I’ll be adding to the Air Miles as there’s already travel booked including several trips to Germany and the USA, but this year I’m also looking to get on the road closer to home too.

I’m looking to put a few dates in the diary this year to bring my workshops to areas across the UK, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. At the moment this is all in the planning stages so if you think you can help out in any way by maybe recommending places, venues, being a point of contact etc then please drop me an email to

Of course whenever there’s a workshop there has to be a curry and social too right? 🙂

Any help with this would be great…thanks.

Have a great day folks and I’ll catch you back here tomorrow,

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  1. Dirk

    Guess it shows one’s age if you actually know the littlest hobo (and enjoyed it as a kid)

    • Glyn

      I guess I couldn’t get away with saying I watched the reruns? 🙂 lol


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