Capturing Timeless Portrait

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: April 5, 2019

Category: Tutorial | Videos

Yesterday, Westcott released one of the videos I recorded when out at their HQ in Ohio, USA earlier this year and this one was when I was using their constant light, the Solix.

In the video I explain how over the past couple of years, by me taking time to chat and get to know the people I’m photographing, has made such a big difference to the results.

More and more these days I’m opting for constant light when photographing portraits; especially those in my World War 2 / Veterans Project, and there is a very specific reason for this and it goes back to a conversation I had with friend, and photographer  Vincent Versace for our HE SHOOTS, HE DRAWS Podcast. You can listen to that episode (54) by CLICKING HERE or over on iTunes and all other Podcast-y places.

In the mean time though, check out the video below and at the bottom of this post I’ve listed the kit I’m using should you wish to take  closer look…

Kit Used

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  1. Steve Perry

    The more I get into portrait photography, the more I realize how important it is to build up that rapport with the client so that the photographs I am taking reveal the personality of the client. I did a shoot recently where technically the photos were very good but when all was said and done I was not satisfied that I had captured his personality. As always great video Glyn.


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