Book: Authentic Portraits by Chris Orwig

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: August 24, 2020

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Had to share this with you after having had Chris Orwig’s latest book Authentic Portraits (published by Rocky Nook) for the past week.

Here’s the review I wrote on Amazon, and yes…I definitely recommend this book…

“Ok getting this straight out there…this is the first Photography book EVER that I have wanted to read from cover to cover!

If taking photographs of people is what you love to do, then if you’re willing to not just read but take onboard what the author is saying I am in no doubt whatsoever that your portraits will take on new meaning, new feeling…whatever you want to call it.

So many books teach the technicals and tell you how to pose people but when you start to read this book you quickly acknowledge that photography is way more than instruction. It’s way more than kit and set ups and ‘go to’ poses.

Of course Chris does include sections on lens choice, what shooting mode (Manual v Aperture Priority) and so on but in a way that provokes thought and serves to promote your taste and what you’re ultimately looking to achieve.

I’m taking this book literally everywhere so that I can grab a minute here and there to read more

The ‘work’ of the Photographer (the portrait photographer) is to not just capture a well lit, well posed portrait but to capture the real person in front of the camera so that not only does the portrait receive the ‘Oh that’s so them!’ reaction but also a ‘what are they thinking?’ ‘what have they experienced?’ ‘what kind of live have they lead?’ and so. on…

As a working photographer and educator I’m always looking to learn more and this book doesn’t disaappoint. Almost every page I find myself making mental notes, highlighting words and even putting stickies to make certain pages easier to get back to and I NEVER normally do this!

Reading, acknowledging and applying what Chris talks about in this book WILL help you to breathe life into your portraits by giving them meaning, evoke a feeling and a reaction.

If you’re looking for some magic camera settings or kit then this isn’t the book for you. However, If you’re looking to start taking the best portraits you ever have then THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!

Love it! Now…how about we have this available as an audio book too (hint, hint)??? 🙂

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  1. Steven Perry

    Hi Glyn. I discovered Chris as a result of you mentioning his name. I recently watched a free webinar and was very impressed. I am definitely going to pick up his book.

    • Glyn Dewis

      Steven that’s great to hear.
      Chris is one of the good guys for sure!


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