Copyright: Register your Images or else!!!

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: May 14, 2015

Category: General

Ok so I’ve got a question…

Have you registered your images to protect your copyright?

All too many folks haven’t for whatever reason but to be honest with you the process is pretty straight forward and doesn’t cost that much at all. There’s a slightly different process for images that would be classed as published but even so, it’s still easy to do and could be THE best thing you ever did.

Here’s an episode of The Grid that featured Edward C. Greenberg, J.D. and Jack Reznicki where copyright is the topic of the show so I highly recommend you take some time out to watch and learn…

Also check out the latest updated version of  their fantastic book The Copyright Zone and YES it is relevant if you’re outside the USA.

CLICK HERE for The Copyright Zone on Amazon


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  1. Andy Kirby

    I watched the video, bought and read the book. I thought it was very USA centric – although the principles in general may apply, with the law, it is the details that matter and we could do with a more relevant explanation of the UK & EU copyright and contract laws.



  1. VIDEO: Protecting your Images using Photoshop #77 - Glyn Dewis - […] this video (all prompted by episode 181 of The Grid) I show you how you can watermark your images…

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