Photographing Physique Couple: Guess the Lighting

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: June 1, 2016

Category: General

Quick post today to share a new picture with you…


This is one from a recent client shoot where I was hired to photograph a physique / fitness couple. We were in the studio for around 4 hours and worked through 4 or 5 different set ups and working on one picture from each.

I’ll add a look at the studio and lighting set up for this one tomorrow; would have done it today but got back late from speaking in Nottingham last night and today sees an early start.

In the mean time though take a look and see if you can reverse engineer the picture and work out the lighting before I post it tomorrow 🙂

Catch you later,

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  1. J.r. Maddox

    I want to say its one big light source from behind and just a little to camera right.

  2. sauliuske

    At least two light sources directed at the white background, with one of them (camera right) feathering the girl’s back. There might be a reflector or other small power light source shining some fill light onto them..

  3. Omar Brunt

    Big softbox behind


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