My Buddy Dave Clayton: KelbyOne Instructor

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: November 23, 2015

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Just wanted to kick the week off to share with you that as of last week, my Buddy Dave Clayton is now a KelbyOne Instructor!

So proud of this fella for so many reasons but more than anything it’s just fantastic to see someone grow both in their expertise but also in their confidence in front of the camera, and yeah fulfil one of their dreams.


It was only just a few short years ago when Dave, who was due to be helping me out at a Character Portrait Workshop, had to step in and be the model for the day due to the hired model at the 11th hour being unable to make it.

Dave won’t mind me saying that being photographed is one of his least favourite things so imagine how it must have been for him to then be thrown in at the deep end and be a model for me and 12 attendees. Needless to say though, despite the nerves, he totally nailed it!

GAD_4347_2 2

So fast forward a few years and throw in some incredible experiences we’ve both had to date, and with plenty more to come, and Dave last week flew out to Florida, USA and the KelbyOne headquarters to film his first two classes covering the use of Adobe InDesign.

It’ll be just a few weeks until the classes go live and I just can’t wait to see what a great job he and the Team at KelbyOne have done. Way to go Buddy!!!

Oh and on a completely unrelated note…isn’t it cool how storage space is so cheap these days we don’t have to throw anything away … and I mean anything hey Dave? … Dave? 🙂


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