Dedication & Commitment: Something is better than Nothing!

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: July 6, 2012

Category: General

Hi Folks,

How’s things?

Ok I’m going to resist mentioning the weather but rainy weather aside we are actually in the middle of summer; hard to believe I know but we’re also pretty much half way through the year.

So why am I saying this?

Well think back to the beginning of the year and if you did so, think back to those New Years resolutions you made; were any of them relating to your personal development and/or business?

A couple of years ago I made the decision to commit to doing something each and every day to help develop me, my skill level and my business and for me this translated to setting aside 30 minutes each day to read and 30 minutes each day to study.

So what do I read?
Well it could be anything from a self help book such as Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy or a business related book such as Inbound Marketing by David Meerman Scott (one heck of a bloomin’ good book by the way). Sure I’ll also read story books too but what I’m talking about here is reading for development…does that make sense?

What do I study?
Despite working in Photoshop every day I’ll also set aside at least 30 minutes to learn something new and dive deeper. This can take the form of watching video tutorials, looking through favourite websites by artists who’s work I admire, reading Photoshop related forums and anything else where I can learn. Let’s face it there’s so much available to us out there on the net we’re almost spoilt for choice.

So do I manage to do this reading and studying each and every day? Pretty much yeah,  but that’s not really the point…the point here is that studying and developing is in my mind and something I know I need to do if I want to keep improving.

I don’t mean to make this sound like it’s no big deal because it’s quite the opposite. Being dedicated to making a commitment and do something every day in addition to living life can be quite challenging but that being said it’s like most things…do them often enough and they eventually become a habit and something you just naturally do.

I liken it to when I used to compete at bodybuilding; if I wanted to improve my physique I knew I couldn’t go to the gym occasionally…I had to go every day BUT if I couldn’t go on a particular day then I would at least do something, and that could be going for a 5 minute walk if that’s all I could fit in. Bottom line is that I had done something.

When it comes to translating that into my life now, if I can’t find 30 minutes to read and 30 minutes to study then that’s not a problem; just doing 5 minutes on that day is better than nothing right?

So what about you? Do you make a point of doing something each and every day to help you move forward…however small it may be?

As it’s now Friday and the end of the week why not make yourself a New Week Resolution and make a point from now on to do something, however small, that will help you move forward and remember just 5 minutes a day is better than nothing.

Have a great weekend folks and I’ll see you back here in a few days,
Glyn 🙂



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  1. Dan Davies

    Great advice (as ever Glyn).

    I have to say, for me owning an iPad has made a huge difference to my ability to educate myself in the days “quiet moments”. I’m reading your blog as it’s one I subscribe to & my RSS reader makes that easy, just as I can browse inspirational and educational websites, or listen to/watch one of the many podcasts (I can even do that on the tube!).

    It just makes it so much easier to dip in to the mass of information out there and it’s something I do every day. I don’t feel complete without it!

  2. Mark Imhof

    I have to agree with you and Dan!
    Taking just a little time everyday to educate myself helps me relax and bring my work to a new level. For me it can be that I do more then 30mins a day or sometimes just 10min or 5min.
    I love reading the Bolgs in the morning with Brakefest.

    The first time I got the Idea of doing 30mins everyday was when I read a Blog by Calvin Hollywood and it just whent klick, I mean what is 30mins it’s nothing! It’s so easy (nomaly) to take 30mins out of your day. (What was it you posted on Wednesday on FB Glyn???… If it is Important to you, you will find a way! If not you will find an Excuse!)

    Thanks for the great Post Glyn

  3. DaveT

    Personal development, particularly when linked to business growth, is a great strategy as they go hand in hand. Having the knowledge and understanding to fulfil the tasks required to sustain business whilst keeping abreast of developments in the field so that you remain current, and better still get ahead of the field so you have a niche, is all good for business.

    But personal development can also be something one chooses to do for nothing more than personal interest. I take a less structured approach than you Glyn, largely because I am not in business. I don’t have any defined targets or goals, its more a case of following my muse. I do take time out to read lots of blogs and watch tutorials on how to use programmes that I have bought (currently watching some great video tutorials from Nik software) and I put them into practice when working on my own images.

    I also try different genres of photography so that I don’t get used to using camera settings and have to adopt different approaches. For example I spent last weekend shooting aircraft at an air show, and whilst there tapped into the knowledge of some aircraft photographers. Then yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a macro workshop where I was photographing insects and harvest mice on a table top setting with studio lights and a macro lens. Both subject matters required very different approaches and broadened my understanding of how to get the most from my camera gear. My passion however is travel photography, and although the aircraft shooting and macro work won’t feature strongly in my normal shooting it has broadened my understanding and I believe will make me a more rounded photographer.

    The day I stop learning Glyn, I’ll die.

    Thanks for a great thought provoking post!


  4. DaveT

    Whoops typo alert Glyn.

    I meant to say “I get used to using different camera settings”

    Hope that makes more sense now:-)




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