Red Deer Stag in Snow PLUS Can you help???

Written by: Glyn Dewis

Published: March 29, 2016

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Hi Folks

Today I’ve a new picture to share with you but also I need your help.

First off here’s a new picture that I made this past weekend…


Not surprisingly I call it ‘Deer Stag in Snow’ but the original photograph I took when out early morning with my friend Ray Fidler at Bucklebury Farm in Reading, UK. I’d mentioned to Ray that I wanted to add a Deer Stag picture to my ongoing animals project and had ideas of adding it into a Scottish Highland scene complete with distant mountains, heather etc…

I’ve been meaning to fly up to Scotland again for some time now to visit friends but to also get out into the Highlands to take the background pictures, but time being the way it is, I just haven’t had any so the picture had until now been put in the ‘To Do’ folder.

Anyway this past weekend I was just browsing through some websites like 500px (great places for inspiration) when I came across this absolutely stunning picture by photographer Pim Leijen


Don’t ask me why but as soon as I saw it I immediately thought ‘I should do the Stag in a snow scene’ and that was it….immediately researching pictures of Deer in Snow, saving them and keeping them as reference and then started to work on my own picture.

Reference pictures are a MUST; especially when working on realistic composites so that you get to see all the small details that will help with the realism. In my case, the distant trees, the subtle appearance of mist when snow is present and so on. It’s paying attention to the small details that make the BIG difference that’s for sure; well that and slowing down. I started on this picture and got to the point when I thought I’d finished but over time I’ve learned that this is the time to down tools and come back to the picture later and look at it with fresh eyes. THAT is when you’ll know if the picture is finished or not.

Anyway here’s the original out of camera picture that I took whilst out with Ray at Bucklebury Farm; taken using my Canon 5D MKIII and f/2.8 70-200mm lens. (Oh and for those interested I was photographing in Aperture Priority at f/2.8)


Ok so here is where I need your help…

I’m just about to start recording some new full length tutorials that will be available to download. I know two of the ones I’m doing BUT my question to you is…would you like to see this one as a tutorial?


If you could let me know by posting a comment below I’d really appreciate it; and if it’s a yes then I’ll get to it straight away.

Thanks for checking in and I’ll catch you back here next time.


CLICK HERE to check out the LARGE version of my Deer Stag in Snow picture over in my 500px portfolio

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  1. Barry King

    definitely !
    yes yes yes !

  2. Alec Trusler

    Yes please Glyn

  3. Kris Kowalewski

    Yes Please ! 🙂

  4. Alan Clark

    yes of course

  5. Brian

    Yes please Glyn!

  6. Hartmut Junge

    Definitely “maybe”, I’d rather watch you postprocess one of your portraits, e. g. from the gym!

  7. Debby Herold

    Yes please!

  8. Graham Jones

    I think your animal series is excellent and this would be a valuable addition. I love your portraits too and don’t see any reason to not continue tutorials for both. Thanks for asking.

  9. Steve Perry

    Absolutely. It would be a great tutorial!

  10. Phil Robinson

    Hi Glyn it would be good to see how you composite the snow 🙂

  11. CarlChapel

    Absolutely yes.

  12. Fred Barrington

    I cannot think of a single reason (apart from your valuable time!) why I would not want to watch it as I am sure I will learn (and instantly hopefully retain most of) a lot

  13. Dennis J Smith


  14. Scott Engel


  15. Mik

    Yes yes a snow scene would be a great setting for a photo idea I’ve been mulling over.

  16. Chris Shore

    Snow joke, I would love to see this.

  17. Sandy Griffith Donner

    Yes, Please!

  18. DogLover

    Yes, please!!


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